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  • What is Music Streaming?
  • It's Impacts
  • Major Leaders: YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music
  • What Music Streaming Can be viewed as
Apple Music: Mixture of purchased music, trending music, & Apple music streaming catalog in one place.
YouTube: The hub ground for a collection of moving images which makes this service significant in music streaming due to music videos, visuals, or advertising music.
Spotify: Gives listener an infinite amount of catalog to listen to while also paying the artist for every play. Also It was created to help stop piracy of music

Time Line

Events Leading to the Tipping Point

Napster was created by a classic "connector" named Sean Parker. It allowed users to download music free of charge until it was sued and shut down after a lawsuit. At one point had 80 Million users.
Sean Parker - Creator Napster, Connector with his huge network of contacts
This was the first website dedicated to the sharing of music via MP3 downloads. It was started by influencers Jeff Patterson, Jon Luini and Rob Lor who were professors from UC Santa Cruz.
Last.FM allows you to stream music for free while combining your favorite music with great listening, watching and sharing features. What sets Last.FM apart from other services is that it aims to learn what you like by paying attention to the music you listen to and then uses its unique and advanced "scribbler" tool to build a detailed profile for you so that it can provide the best personalized musical recommendations.
iTunes was one of the first big digital music providers and solidified the move away from physical CDs. Part of its success was related to the iPod, which required iTunes to use it. iTunes changed the way people listened to music forever.
DatPiff is a music streaming service focused mostly on Rap and Hip Hop artists that was launched in 2005. When people sign up, they choose to either be a fan or an artist. The artists can upload music while fans can only listen to it. It is responsible for streaming many popular rap albums such as Chance the Rapper's Acid Rap and and Nicki Minaj's Beam Me Up Scotty.
You have all heard of YouTube, the streaming service that has garnered over a billion views for music such as PSY's Gangam Style. It is one of the biggest streaming services today, boasting over 1 billion active users each month, or nearly one our of every two people on the internet. Both Youtube and Spotify are two of the biggest players responsible for creating a tipping point in favor of music streaming.
Spotify is the biggest streaming service today that is used just for streaming music. It has 100 million active users and 50 million subscribers. It has a huge library of music that users can choose from as long as there is an internet connection. Subscribers can also download the music to listen to offline. It is one of the services most responsible for the tipping point that happened in favor of music streaming.

This company, along with Apple Music, is a good example of the law of the few. "social epidemics ... are driven by the efforts of a handful of exceptional people." (21, Gladwell)

A few strong companies and their respective founders started the tipping point of music streaming which is a prime example of the 80/20 rule as well. 80 percent of the work was done by 20 percent of the people.

Daniel Ek, Spotify CEO. Maven, Connector, and Salesman
Pandora was different than other streaming services in that a user did not pick specific artists. It used a music algorithm to find artists that a user may like based on a song, artist or album they indicated. Although, Pandora has read the writing on the wall. In March of 2017, they released an on-demand service similar to Spotify and Apple Music. Pandora works by creating stations of your favorite music. The algorithm then finds other music based on that indicated song, artist or album that you may like.
SoundCloud is like the Instagram of music where people share their original content. It is a great tool for artists sharing their careers.
BandCamp is similar to Spotify but it pays the artists more money and doesn't require a middleman. Independent artists can post through BandCamp
Everyone's heard of Tidal. It was probably most publicized flop in music streaming. It now boasts only 3 Million subscribers compared to Spotify's 50 Million.
Apple Music is the same concept as Spotify except it is not quite as popular with only 20 Million subscribers. Users can pick from millions of songs to play, like Spotify

Apple Music, as well as Spotify, are good example of the power of content as well. They are very much a product of certain internet trends, such as the rise of popularity of video streaming and YouTube.

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  • Who were some of the other mavens, connectors, and influencers?
  • ConsumptionWhat do you see as the Future of Music Consumtion?


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