Virtual classroom 7ab klasse Frau Richter

Hey guys, welcome to our virtual classroom. I‘m going to fill it with videos, online exercises etc. Remember - it‘s not holiday time - just some unexpected situation for all of us.

  • you‘re going to get input / video links / grammar tasks etc.
  • there‘ll be homework assignments as well.
  • stay in touch via this platform
  • send me an email if you need any assistance / support / havemquestions

We‘re going to start on Monday! Stay safe and at home, use social media (but not too extensively ;-) don‘t visit your grannies! Start a to do list to manage your unscheduled time... ;-)

Watch the video twice! With two different tasks in mind:

  1. watch for content, interesting / new information. Note them down.
  2. Focus on Listening (!) and identify 5 new words that might be useful to write about the journalist‘s new life on a narrow boat / his motivation / his experiences or the technical and organizational part of his new life.
  3. Write 100 words about his life. You can pick the focus (new experiences, motivation, challenges, everyday life...)
  4. Send me your texts (take a picture) or type - by tomorrow!

Corona week 1 - day 3

This homework stays the same!

  • Look at the pictures in 1 (p. 81) What is the email probably about? BTW... pic B is a sundial.
  • Read the email at p. 81
  • make a list of the words you don‘t know. Write them down. Contact sb from your class and work out what they mean.
  • learn the new words for p. 81. Do you know how to pronounce them?

Do task 4 on p. 81. Written work ;-) Repeat vocabulary for 80 and 81.

N R lädt Sie zu einem geplanten Zoom-Meeting ein. 10:30 Uhr

  • Thema: 7ab
  • Meeting-ID: 696 435 055

it‘s so important to stay positive!!

Corona Week 1 - DAY 5

  • Tasks:
  • Read the text p. 82/83 „The Lock“ + learn the vocab for 82/83 („easy-peasy“ for you!!)
  • Watch the video below (sorry - 1 minute was just not enough to explain it properly...) and understand how to use und when to use reflexive pronouns...
  • Do p. 82, 2b and c (not much ;-)

Welcome to Corona week 2

Preparation for Tuesday:, Mar 24
  • Read the red box on p. 83/task 4
  • G 14 and G16
  • learn vocab for 82 and 83

Tasks till Friday‘s online session

Partner activity

  1. on your own: listen to the text (link below, p. 84 / 1
  2. Write down questions you can ask your partner
  3. set up a zoom meeting according to the grouping in my email
  4. ask each other about the text in your video conference
  5. do task 1b together
  6. Check on words challenge: Fragt euch gegenseitig ab...


  • vocab 84
  • listen to text 54
  • p 84 c
  • WB p 61, 11 and 12

Coronca Week 3 Tasks

  • Write a diary entry about you Corona experience, feelings, hopes, fears... send it via email (pdf) - due on WED
  • Describe one of the pictures (scroll down and say what you see, what is happening (remember: present progressive!!) and what you think about the situation. Voice record it and send me the video or audio file through whatsapp: 0172 8203203 or email
  • Order the story EDGAR today!!! it‘s in your emails!
  • keep smiling and go outside! Really! This is daily homework! Enjoy some leisure time!
  • Watch the video again and do task 3, p. 85 and the green box
  • Formthose who were absent: do task 1 and 2 before!
  • learn the new vocab 85, repeat old words regularly