Mississauga 2.0

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

By Ethan

We will start using renewable sources of energy like solar energy, wind power and hydroelectric energy.

We can use solar panels to get energy from the sun to power the houses as well as using hydroelectricity. And we use windmills to power the houses as well. We will also waste less fresh water and help promote and spread awareness about it. We will provide demonstrations to people so that they walk away knowing all the effects of water pollution and the impacts it has so that they might help spread awareness as well. We would also burn clean fuel like hydrogen to power cars. This does not cause as much pollution and has less of an impact on the environment. Hydrogen can be used in fuel cells that are similar to batteries that can be used to power a motor. We could also use biomass, which is energy from plants. It is not commonly used throughout the world because of the industries cutting down trees and burning them for warmth. Right now Mississauga is using non renewable energy as well as renewable energy. This is still having an impact on the environment because of the effects of these fuels that we are burning. It is causing a lot of pollution and it can be reduced by switching permanently to renewable clean energy.

Transportation Management

By Ethan

We wanted to increase the price of gas and decrease the price of public transportation to encourage people to take public transportation more. To encourage this even more we wanted to make more roads just for busses so that busses can get to their stops much faster. More people will start taking the bus because they can get to where they want to go faster. This would also ensure that the people who are in charge of the busses get more money because there are more people riding the bus. This means that they can afford gas for the busses even though the price of gas will have increased.

We also wanted to add more trees and other plants so that people will want to look around more and walk around more because the air will be more fresh and the area will be more calm. People will enjoy living in an area with a lot of greenery and plants because it is more relaxing. We also wanted to add public bike stops where people can rent bikes and ride them around. We can also encourage biking by making more biking trails. This makes the bikers more calm when riding through forest and will give them more exercise going up and down hills.

We also want to put more research into electric vehicles and decrease the prices of them so that we can cause less pollution and for the people who don't want to use public transportation can get around easily. This would get the car manufacturers a lot of money and they could take apart the old cars that run on gas and reuse those parts in the new electric cars so that all the other cars don't go to waste. After all these changes we will have a lot less vehicles on the road so we decided to increase the size of the sidewalks so that more people can walk on it and more people can bike on the sidewalks as well. This encourages more walking and physical activity. Right now Mississauga has a lot of traffic and are using a lot of gas which causes a lot of pollution that can have a massive impact on the environment in the future. Having all these changes will lower pollution and traffic and help the environment. It will make Canada and Mississauga a better and more healthy place to live in.

Waste Management

By Shivam

One of the problems with Mississauga's waste management is that we have over 500,000 tonnes of waste annually. This is bad because with all that garbage it either goes to a dump or is chemically burned. It's bad when it's put at a dump because it's physically not attractive which means that people won't want to move in that are, it smells which is another reason for people not moving to that area and it attracts pests which could spread to diseases and infections if any people are bitten. The problem with burning the garbage is that a bunch of different chemicals are released into the air which isn't good for the environment or the people who are burning the garbage. Another problem with waste management in Mississauga is that if any of that garbage gets into lakes and rivers it could kill animals if they eat the garbage and can infect our water. For Mississauga 2.0 we would encourage people to use the 3 R's (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) more often and will make most items recyclable and use as little non-recyclable materials. We would also make sure compost are mandatory for every house to use.

Smart Growth Coordinator (Urban Sprawl)

By Shivam

One of the problems with Mississauga's urban sprawl is that since urbanized cities are mainly car-dependent which is bad because that means that there is a lot of pollution due to automobile emissions. This is bad because that means the air in Mississauga isn't very clean which is bad for all residents living in Mississauga. Another problem with urban sprawl in Mississauga is that since more people are coming they need houses to live in which means that we need to break down forests etc. to build houses. This is mainly bad for the environment because when we destroy a forest were destroying homes for wildlife in the environment which will cause some animals to become extinct or to move away from Mississauga. Urban sprawl also causes people to gain more weight. Recent studies have showed that ''the average citizen living in urban areas weighs six pounds more than the average citizen living in a pedestrian friendly neighborhood''. In Mississauga 2.0 we would encourage people not to drive as much and try to get on their bikes if possible or to walk. We would also make sure we preserve all unused land for the environment. The last thing we would do we be to stop expanding highways, sewer systems and water pipes so that we aren't damaging the environment or any wildlife.

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