Jessie Malone

As an art and design teacher, I will nurture a learning environment which helps students to develop their potential across a range of skillsets. I am guided by a holistic understanding of education and aim to take students on a journey of self-discovery by creating a space where they can explore new possibilities and develop, refine, and express their own ideas. I regard the arts as a form of social and cultural practice and therefore will emphasise collaborative forms of learning. By interacting with others, pupils will develop their social, creative, and critical thinking skills. Through projects that are innovative in terms of curriculum, including the use of digital technologies, I hope to provide the best learning experience possible for the adolescent. Art provides opportunities to delve into areas such as social issues and wellbeing to nurture students emotional and personal development. Through art education, I will inspire students in their creative abilities and promote self-efficacy towards their own art practice. By outlining clear expectations to students and setting goals, incorporating differentiation, literacy and numeracy I endeavour to enable each student to reach their potential for academic success.