Holless Wilbur Allen, Jr. famous compound bow inventor

life of Holless Wilbur Allen,JR.

  • he was born on july 12 1909
  • When he got out of school, Holless Jr. moved to Gallatin where he got a job as a salesman for a wholesale hardware store.
  • By 1940, as the age of 30, he was married and making $3,800 a year in that job.
  • Once, when he was a Boy Scout counselor his troop was camped on the Osage River when a passerby told him that the white bass were biting.
  • After his retirement he moved to Columbia.

interesting facts

  • He was killed in a car accident between Republic and Springfield in July of 1979.
  • Holless Jr. was born in Kansas and moved with his family to Kansas City when he was a boy.
  • Unlike his father, who only had a sixth-grade education, Holless Jr. finished high school.
  • He once took his older sister’s Christmas gift—a German-made 35mm camera—completely apart and then reassembled. It worked fine and his sister never knew.

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