Christopher Barrick CAS Highlights

He is the director of the School of Music & Dance at EMU, and a tenured Professor of Music in the School. His research revolves around leadership and management within education, as well as topics related to the saxophone and jazz. In response to COVID-19; auditions, lessons, performances and ensembles have gone virtual. Thanks to this, ensembles have been focusing more on studying repertoire in different ways, getting a chance to dig in and deeply discuss what they do. It has also offered a great opportunity to have guest speakers from around the country. Dr. Barrick has expressed his admiration to the staff and faculty of his school that have worked together to help each other in these virtual times and continue to do so. He hopes to be able to come back in the Fall and have performances live once again. Thank you Dr. Barrick for your hard work and dedication! #TRUEMU #EMUCAS