Quarantine Home Life How to create structure that fits your family!

As we unite together to flatten the curve and end the reign of the Coronavirus pandemic, many of us are faced with a full household and the inevitable question: What now? How do we maintain our sanity while dealing with cooped up kids, pets, and spouses? Creating structure during these anxious times is a necessity for calming nerves and giving a purpose to the seemingly endless hours stuck at home. But there are different ways to create a schedule that suits your family’s needs.

Maybe you are a drill sergeant rallying your little troops to follow a strict schedule. Or, maybe you are a go with the flow parent and each day is different than the last. Or, maybe you’re just hoping to come out of this quarantine without having a nervous breakdown. Whatever your new normal looks like, we are here to give you a few suggestions for ways you can structure your days.

Quarantine Schedules: 4 Ways to Structure Your Days @ Home

1. The Hourly Schedule

Are you attempting to work from home while playing teacher to your quarantined kiddos? Many moms and dads are in your shoes, and it's no easy feat to juggle work, school, and parenting responsibilities all under one roof.

If you are on this particular struggle bus, we suggest implementing an hourly schedule. Begin with the time you want to wake up (could be different from your kid's wake up time) and plan out your day, hour by hour, until bedtime. This can help you mirror your regular 9-5, while taking into account the needs of your children.

Here's a good example you can use as a jumping off point. Remember, there's no right way to do this - so adjust your schedule as needed!

2. The Task Schedule

Maybe planning your day out in so much detail is stressful. If you find that trying to keep up with a time-determined routine is stressing you out - then toss that schedule and try a new strategy.

The Task Schedule is a goal-oriented method to structuring your days at home. First, determine what you and your kids need to accomplish in a day: Online school work, reading for 30 minutes, exercise for an hour, zoom meeting with your co-workers, bath time, etc.

Once you've determined your daily goals, display them prominently in your household. Each day, make a plan to achieve those goals. This type of schedule may be best for older kids or college students home for the duration of the virus. But, a Task Schedule can also work for littles who are ready to have more responsibility! Who says we can't use this time to develop new skills?

3. The Block Schedule

Similar to the Task Schedule, a Block Schedule is goal-oriented. It's a happy medium between the first two types of structures. Block off your day into 3 or 4-hour periods and place them into categories. You may have Work Time, Fun Time, Learning Time, and Exercise Time.

This is a good way to accomplish tasks as a family. During Work Time, maybe you all congregate in your PJs in the living room and do your work and school tasks together. Or, during Learning Time, choose a new activity, recipe or art project to accomplish as a group. This type of schedule is great for larger families that have kids of all ages.

4. The No Schedule

Listen, if schedules are too much right now that's ok. Working at 4am is ok. Watching netflix until 2pm is just fine. Maybe the No Schedule system is just what your family needs right now. Or, maybe it's what you need this week, and then you can go back to more structure.

Anxiety, grief, and stress are high right now. If you need to shut out the world and come together as a family to get through this pandemic then that is exactly what you should do. Don't let yourself spiral into inactivity, but give yourself a break when you need one. Self-care is very important right now. You need to take care of you, so you can take care of your family. Choose the schedule that brings you peace this week, then check back in again next week to see what is best suited for your home.

What's Your Quarantine Home Life Look Like?

The best way to cope with this new normal is to learn from each other! Do you have a unique way of structuring your days at home? Follow us on Facebook and let us know what your Quarantine Schedule looks like!

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