Attack on Pearl Harbor Book report #3 By: Anjalou Bolden

Dive bombers taking off of a Japaneese carrier

Main idea: The main idea of the book is the attack on Pearl Harbor. It is the main idea because it talks about the events that led tithe war, and what occurred during it

Fuchida salutes as his level bomber prepares to take off

Favorite fact: My favorite fact is when U.S soldiers were trapped in the overturned warship. They found a materess and put it in the vent where water was pouring out. It stopped the water although it was still leaking. They banged on the top and others in other apartments in the ship did too. Other apartments were rescued then finally they were rescued from their apartment.

Fires rage as Battleship Row comes under heavy attack

Things I didn't know: The Japaneese subs that were sent to attack the U.S., didn't return to their mother submarine. One of the subs crashed and the drivers were captured by the U.S.

A cockpit view of 3/4 of the attack

Reveiw: This book was good. I liked it because it explained how the U.S. retaliated against Japan after the attack on Pearl Harbor. The U.S sent an atomic bomb to Japan to warn them. The Japaneese quickly surrendered.

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