COM60203 - Soft Box Exercise 0321324 - Leanne mARIE GOH

Photo 1 Photo 2

Photo 1: ISO 400 | f5.0 | 1/60

Photo 2: ISO400 | f5.6 | 1/60

These first photo on the left was taken with flash and without any lighting. The second photo on the right was taken without flash but with 3-point lighting shining through the soft box filter. Both photos were taken with almost the same camera settings as listed above. The difference between the two photos is that photo 1 has shadow and harsher lighting. Whereas photo 2 has no shadow and instead the photo has softer lighting, this is more pleasant to the eye. Photo 2 also gives the product a special glow and makes the product look more high ranged. It looks a advertisement photo that can often be found on the Internet, newspapers or billboards. However, in photo 1 the product seems to come from a normal and lower ranged category. Therefore, lighting plays a very important role in photography.

Created By
Leanne Goh


Photo taken by Leanne Goh

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