Pets in Quarantine By natalie sell

Pets in Quarantine

Due to the COVID-19 quarantine, we have all been spending more time at home. Consequently, those of us with pets have gotten to spend more time with them as well. Some pets have reacted differently than others.

Like all mammals, including humans, dogs, and cats are creatures of habit. A change in routine can cause them to change their behaviors as well. While many are happy to be spending extra time with their people and excited to interrupt various Zoom meetings, others are tired of the constant interaction. On the other hand, I have already taught my cat how to “shake.”

She has also started sprinting across the house in the middle of the night. Lily is a large cat with very small feet; because of this, I can hear her thumping up and down the stairs at all hours of the night. In general, she is happy that we are home and is appreciative of the affection (and extra treats) she receives.

My other cat is a different story. She is extremely displeased that she has been deprived of her space and privacy. Since we have all been home when she would have otherwise had the house more or less to herself, I have been able to witness what she does when we are away. Just this morning, I came downstairs to find her shamelessly relaxing on top of the dining table in the sun.

My dog is tired from the extra walks she gets, and I know that many of my friends’ dogs are experiencing the same thing. Not much has changed for my leopard gecko, and she doesn’t seem to notice or care that we are all at home.

Luna, tired after a long walk.

During this time, we rely on our pets to help us cope with the stress of a quickly changing situation, but they rely on us too. Keeping some semblance of structure is beneficial to both humans and their animal companions, and can reduce stress for both.

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