Teen Mothers by k.navarro

In this hurtful, beautiful world we live in, high school students are increasing teen pregnancy. Majority of young women have a baby between their junior or senior year. An example, myself when i found out i was pregnant my last day of sophomore year my parents were very disappointed to the point they didn't talk to me to they also took me to a abortion clinic. inside i was so hurt, i couldn't run to no one it was so embarrassing. My mother threw me out the house since i wanted to keep my baby and i went to the baby fathers house to live there. Most teen mothers go to the wrong direction because they have no support. I had no one by my self i was considering dropping out of high school and just start working. Majority of the teen parents have to drop out to able to maintain a child when they are by their self. family support is a big help for us teen mothers.

never good to judge never know what they are going through.

A lot of people like to judge teen mothers and be stereotype about the topic as well, the minute the hear teen mom they think a "ghetto" girl that is bad. which is wrong most teen soon to be mothers get bullied. I got bullied when i was pregnant I had people say "I was trained all summer and that is why I came back to school pregnant." I was being called a "whore" I lost friends because I was pregnant. it was the worse time of my life. I would tell the teachers and they didn't say anything i even heard a teacher talk bad about me every time she saw me. Even now being a mom people talk bad about me. Guys even think I'm easy and act like they like me but just want one thing. it cause me to go to depression. schools need to prevent bulling and do something about it. A lot of girls have lost their baby or have angry to their baby because of this.

rates of fathers leaving their girlfriends or wife's

I'm going to talk about my relationship with the father because a lot of teen pregnancy causes fathers to leave or become mature and be a man. An example my baby daddy didn't land in the mature area; he started drinking a lot and became abusive to me when I was pregnant and not pregnant. If I had my parents support I could've got out the relationship sooner but I thought it was normal. A lot of teen fathers start drinking thinking their "men" when they are only between 16-19 of age. Mines was only 18 he thought he was a man and starting drinking he would come and just beat me until he got tired then go to bed. the facts say its built from stress of becoming a father but its just an immature mind set. Jesse isn't in the picture anymore as people say a "typical teen parents" their is a high rate that dads leave their children as a teen father then come back later in their lives.

sources https://www.cdc.gov/teenpregnancy/about/ & personal experience.

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