GMO PROJECT Destiny Love

One type of GMO is genetically modified soy beans. The soy beans are inserted with herbicide tolerance and pesticides.
The first organization to modify the soy beans was Monsanto. They made the genetically modified soybeans public in 1996. They wanted to make the beans able to resist the things that would harm it during harvest. They added genes that would make it resist insects and harmful herbicides.
Pros of GMOs: GMOs have all of the desired traits put into them, so more people will but the food because it will be exactly what they want. If we have GMOs there will be a bigger supply of food. Another good thing about GMOs is they will make a big profit because more people will want to buy the good.
Cons of GMOs: We don't know if they will cause problems later on and we don't know if they are unsafe. Not all of them are labeled so if a product is inserted with the genes of something that a person is allergic to, there could be a serious problem. Another bad thing about GMOs is that if the organism is let out into the world and out of the hands of people who have control over them, they would be very successful and become an invasive species.
I think that GMOs are a good thing and we should continue researching and designing them. They provide more food and better quality products for us to buy. We don't know if they are unsafe, but we should continue using GMOs because they might be a great thing to have.


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