Lacey Blocker


  • National Board Certified Teacher - ELA
  • Graduated from Northwestern State University - Degree in Elementary Education
  • Currently teach 6th grade ELA at Maplewood Middle School
  • 15 years experience in 4th, 6th, and 7th grades
  • Have taught in Rapides, Vernon, and Calcasieu Parishes
  • Taught one year in Newton, Texas


I was so excited and grateful to receive the I-TEC grant. This professional development experience so far has certainly transformed my classroom and the way my students learn!
  • CPSB Middle School Teacher of the Year - 2019
  • Drew Grant Recipient - 2019
  • Maplewood Middle School Teacher of the Year - 2019
  • Nearpod Certified Educator
  • Tech Showcase Teacher - 2019
  • I-TEC Model Classroom Teacher - 2018
  • Louisiana American Legion Teacher of the Year - 2011
  • Region VI Middle School Teacher of the Year - 2010
  • Vernon Parish Middle School Teacher of the Year - 2010
  • Pickering Elementary School Teacher of the Year - 2010

Professional Development:

  • Odysseyware Course Builder for CPSB - 2018
  • New Teacher Mentor (M3) for CPSB - 2018/2019
  • Presented ELA Guidebook session for CPSB District Inservice - 2017
  • Presented at 2016-2018 TNT Conference
  • Presented at 2017 LMSA Conference
  • Presented at the Teacher Leader Summit in NOLA - 2014, 2016
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Thinking Maps training
  • KAGAN Cooperative Learning
  • Reader’s/Writer’s Workshop
  • 4-Square Writing Process
  • Vernon Parish Teacher Leader 2012-2016

Tech Tools I Love:

Technology in My Class:

Using Microsoft Forms and QR codes to do a Digital Gallery Walk
Digital Gallery Feedback
Padlet - ready for digital collaboration
Class introductions using Flipgrid
Nearpod in action
Using Classkick with our ELA guidebook lesson
Interactive Nearpod lesson
Using Quiz in Nearpod
Vocabulary Matching Pairs using Nearpod
Split screen feature - digital reading and responding
Teaching students about QR codes
Working on guideboook lessons using QR codes
Reading our text using the iPads and working on QR codes
Thinking map and QR codes
Using Quizlet to better understand vocabulary
Completed student work sample
Nearpod lesson I created for our Steve Jobs Guidebook unit
Students love responding to open-ended questions using Nearpod
Sample of a text dependent question using Nearpod
Working with Quizlet
Nearpod in small groups
Students working on assignments through my Blackboard site
Typing essays
Students completing online assignments
Students working on my blackboard assignment
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Lacey Blocker

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