-why was it effective Ayanna W.

The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee

Non-violent protest were success because of the different groups that come up strategies and constantly coming up with new protest like what SNCC did.

"Guys seventeen was in Vietnam and our thinking was that if a young person could go to Vietnam and engage in a war, then the person certainly the same age and younger could engage in a nonviolent war that didn't violate the constitution-" Birmingham Campaign Featured Source

-Nonviolent Heros Monument?

There should be a Pedestal monument showcasing a lunch counter. Below the lunch counter would be a pledge that says, " Here lays the silent fighters that represent one goal 'Equality', but have become shadows of their goal". This quote would be the best fitting because it exactly what happened. The only people Americans talk about are MLK or Rosa Parks, yes they did have a big impact, but other people also made an impact that weren't giving a acknowledgement.

Lewis Reflection Park commemorates the 1958 Dockum Drugs sit-in,

What would the monument look like?

The monument would be coated in gold and look like lunch counters in the 1960's, but the counter would be empty and have pieces of food all over the seats and counter. To resemble what the SNCC or people sitting on the counter had to go through everyday to try and make a difference.

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