Tigers win '84 World Series By: Luke Stayer

The 84 World Series started off with the Detroit Tigers beating the San Deiego Padres 3-2 in game one. The Padres came back in game two to win 5-3, then the Tigers swept the Padres the next three games. Game 5 started of with the Detroit Tigers ledgend George Kell throwing out the first pitch. Game 5 was on a Sunday afternoon it was a cool fall day with a dense fog floating over Tiger stadium. With fans eager to see the Tigers win their first World Series in 16 years. The Tigers came into the series with a regular season record of 104-58 while the Padres came in with a 92-70 record, the Tigers we majorly favored to win the whole thing.

The 1984 riot was nothing like the one 15 months before, the one before was racial unlike the one after the 1984 World Series. They were about people, generally young men, getting drunk, setting things on fire, and stealing things from stores because it was just one giant party. The fires already started after the Tigers gained three runs in the bottom of the first. The city was filled with cars flipped over, cars on fire, broken in stores, and Drunk kids trying to get on camera. When the sun came up the party was over, the city destroyed. We were left with one of the most iconic picture of the night.

Kenneth "bubba" Helms holding a championship pennant

The only good thing about that night

This was one of the best things that happened to the city of Detroit. They started off at 9-0 and went 35-5 in their first 40 games. On the fourth game of the season their ace threw a no hitter. You know the feeling when your ace pitcher comes out on his second start of the season knowing that it will be a good game. They were one of only three teams to ever lead the league from start to finish.

The 84 season as a whole was an easy route to getting the ring that is chased year by year by every team in the MLB. The Tigers cruised through the postseason only losing one game to the Padres. In the ALCS they swept the Royals in 3 games.

At the beginning of the 84 season Al Ackerman adopted the catchphrase " Bless you Boys " after the book "Bless you Boys: Diary of the Detroit Tigers" written by Sparky Anderson was published. Sparky'S book is a diary of the first 151 games of the 84 season

The 1984 season was a meaningful season to Detroit because they broke 100 wins in the regular season, it was the year that they made "The Wave" a mainstream thing, they had a fantastic bullpen, and they put a stop to a 16 year drought

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