RUSSIA By Rhea Janka


In St. Petersburg, you'll find lots of wonderful sights to see, and fun things to do. You can go visit the historic Russian sites like the Winter Palace, that was (from 1732 to 1917) the official residence of Russian monarchs, or visit some more westernized sites like The Hermitage, one of the world's largest art museums. Or, if you're looking for a more historically intriguing center, you can look to the Baltic Coast harbor that Peter the Great fought the Swedish and spent the lives of 25-100 thousand people for. This victory launched Russia into the western economy and brought the country up to speed with Europe and westernization.


In Kolomenskoye, there rests a beautiful white building on the floodplain of the Moscow river. The Church of the Ascension is one of the most influential architectural developments in Russian history. It was made for the birth of Ivan the Terrible, but now is made for tourists like yourself to come enjoy it. It is also a wonderful site for you to come see because it shows the old Russian ways of the Orthodox Church and how heavily weighted the church was on everyday (and royal) Russian lives.


The Red Square is a fabulous sight to see, with it's beautiful Orthodox church that has become s sort of staple for Russia, it stands in what is considered the heart of Russia as all streets in Moscow lead off of the central square. It was the old city citadel and is the current residence of the President of Russia. It used to be the place of the next Tsars coronations, and where many proclamations would take place. It is now used for official ceremonies by all Russian governments and to make declarations to it's people.

ST. PETERSBURG (Also Cultural)

St. Petersburg, aside from being a economic breakthrough for Russia, is also a wonderful cultural center. It is the prime spot that Peter the Great westernized, and that he brought many aspects of eastern Europe to Russia- including schools for navigation, arts and sciences, and he increased women's status so that they could attend public meetings and such. He had lots of people build buildings that were inspired by Europeans, including lavish detailing like on the building seen above.


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