Josephine Baker Karizma jordan

Birthdate : Born on June 3, 1906 in St. Louis , Missouri

~ She was a French Vedette , singer and entertainer. ~ Her mother , Carrie McDonald, was a washerwoman who had given up her dreams becoming a music hall dancer. ~ Her father, Eddie Carson, was a vaudeville drummer. He abandoned Carrie and Josephine shortly after her birth.

Influences: Her influences was all about fashion and what she wanted her fashion designer to be what her style was for her to dance and entertain in.

~ Her impact was to make sure people remember her in a good way and one of the best dancers and enocourage other people who wanted to be a famous dancer to have great confidence in what you do because you can accomplish it. She was on of the highest paid performers and most popular.

Education: She spent her youth poverty before learning to dance and finding a success on Broadway.

~ She also wanted her kids to learn and always be dancers like she grew up and learned in youth camp.

Kids: Jean-Claude Baker, Stellina Baker, Janot Baker, Moïse Baker, Mara Baker, Marianne Baker, Aiko Baker, Noël Baker, Koffi Baker, Brahim Baker, Luis Baker, and Jari Baker. ~ She had 12 kids and only 2 girls and 10 boys.
She died April 12, 1985 at age 68 and she died from Cerebral Hemmorrhage.

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