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Avakin Life News

What's going on in Avakin this week

**Winners!!!** - Congrats this week to the Avakin Official #AVAKINCNYH contest winners picked at random fatini150607, Roseval, Allie93, Shana London Cho and Auksencja and receiving a 5000 coin prize each!!! Good luck to everyone for the next official contest and remember, regularly check the newsfeed and on social media for latest competitions and events.


**Huge Congrats!!!** - Congratulations also to instagramer @foreignchocolate who won the #AvakinChambers photo contest and received the 5000 coin prize. Well done!!!

The new Marbella Beach House apartment

If you hadn't noticed already, this week we saw the release of the exciting and epic new Marbella Beach House apartment. More on this later on in this edition in our apartment design feature, but head to the store now to check it out!!!


**New!!!** - A reminder this week that Valentines items are now available in the Mystery Boxes


Another reminder that Avakin Life has once again team up with the Cybersmile Foundation charity committed to stop cyber bullying. To show our support for the cause, we can still purchase the Positivity t-shirt from the store and all the proceeds go to help the charity.

Top Pics of the Week

The pick of the pics from across the community

A selection of the community's top pics/edits posted on our Avakin Life Addicted, Edits - & more and Unity Facebook fan pages and the Official Avakin Community Group.

Carly Carter
Daisy Avakin
Faiza Hassan
Purpz Avakin
Emeana Avakin
Ashley Sumpter
Avakin Lotus
Andrea Behrens
Eujeny Vanhurs
Breezy Avakin Mt
Jack Jay
Eco King
Allie Avakin
Eco Queen

Contests & Competitions

This week's contests and competitions from across the community
Ends Tomorrow!!!

**Ends Tomorrow!!!** - The Avakin Official #AvakinValentinesOutfit Instagram photo contest ends tomorrow, so make sure you have all your entries posted to be in with a chance of winning the 3000 coin prize!!!

All we have to do is take a photo of our most beautiful outfit for Valentines Day and post it on Instagram with the tags #AvakinValentinesOutfit and @AvakinOfficial by the 7th February. Good luck!!!

Huge Giveaway!!!

**HUGE Giveaway!!!** - To celebrate Avakin Life reaching over 50 apartments to buy or own, Avakin Life Apartment Design are hosting a huge giveaway to celebrate.

To enter couldn't be simpler. All you have to do is type your favourite apartment in the comments of the original post(link below) and you could be in with a chance of winning an apartment worth 1000 coins or less just by typing your favourite apartment!!!

Remember you must have liked either the Avakin Life Apartment Design Facebook or Instagram pages to qualify and please don't enter if you already own the rewardable apartments. Commenting on 'shares' of the post will not qualify either.

The contest ends this Wednesday 8th February and the 9 lucky winners will be selected at random by a panel of judges. Good luck!!!

Friday Giveaway!!!

If you're in need of the new Ikon and Marbella Beach House apartment, then this Friday was chance to win these items. MQK TV's Friday Giveaway is a YouTube feature every week, where you can win something brand new!!! To make sure you don't miss out, go to YouTube and subscribe to MQK TV now!!!

Avakin Life Amino Community

You may remember last week, we shared info on the Avakin Life Amino Community group, which runs events and quizzes for small gifts and prizes. There has been a lot of positive feedback and people getting involved, so if you haven't already, make sure you check it out by downloading below.

The Maze Runner Challenge

The Avakin Life Edits & More Maze Runner challenge started this Wednesday and will continue to run till the 15th February. Just look up MAZE RUNNER in your apartment search to join in the fun.

For those not already aware, the Maze Runnner challenge will see Avakins attempting to navigate their way to set destinations whilst avoiding being caught by the Petkin Maze_Guard roaming the maze and regulated by our referees.

There have already been lots of winners and photos from the event and some of the prizes up for grabs are featured below.

Prizes available

And if one Avakin Life Edits & More competition wasn't enough, from the 10th February they will be hosting an photo edit contest to celebrate Valentines Day.

All you have to do is post your Valentines-themed edit on Instagram at @official_avakinlifeedits_more, the Facebook page Avakin Life Edits & More and on Twitter at @Avakin_Edits with the hashtag #VDayandCupid2017.

The contest doesn't end until 2nd March and it really is worth entering, because the winner will receive any outfit under 1999 coins, two apartments under 1999, any furniture under 1999 and three animations under 699. Don't miss out!!!


Your YouTube

All of the week's Avakin related videos from some of the community's best YouTubers
Click link below
Click link below
Click link below
Click link below
Click link below

Fashion Weekly

All the week's new releases

This week's releases seemed to be all about velvet and we first received the impressive Velvet Nights collection from Front Row. Both genders received many 90's trend pieces and outfits in a very wide range of different colours and styles to suit literally everybody's tastes.

Featuring - Søpɧiɛ xTRDx, ĎĨVÁ ЖŤŔĎЖ, Pŕŷå ҳŦŔĎҳ, RosèBaby, ΣVILICӨЦS XŦЯDXރ, ۵ÇöfféèĶål۵хŤŔÐx
Featuring - LadyElise xTRDx, Lealusa |CB|, SåvvånahxTRDx, ஜმทցęใիèárեஜxŢŘĐx, ஐmäddíşşönஐxTŘĐx
Featuring - χXJöńXχтяdχ

Next we received the amazingly gorgeous Purple Rain collection from LKWD Couture. A range of gowns for the girls and suits for the guys in every shade of purple possible. Each of the outfits also varied with intricate velvet, lace and faux fur. A truely stunning collection.

Featuring - Lealusa |CB|, Pŕŷå ҳŦŔĎҳ, LadyElise xTRDx, ŁîBBŷ, ஜმทցęใիèárեஜxŢŘĐx, SåvvånahxTRDx, ΣVILICӨЦS XŦЯDXރ
Featuring - χXJöńXχтяdχ

As Valentines Day has come around again and is nearly upon on us, this week also saw the re-release of the Valentines-themed outfits from Cosmos. The girls received two Cupid outfits in white and pink and a lovehearts gown, whilst the guys received a varied collection of a lovehearts suit, a Cupid outfit and risky shorts and braces. You can also purchase the Cupid bow and arrow from the store to go with the outfits and expect to see the return of the Cupid poses very soon to complete the that loved up look.

Featuring - ۵ÇöfféèĶål۵хŤŔÐx
Featuring - χXJöńXχтяdχ

This week's Ikon release was yet again popularly received with its mix of cool black and vibrant red. The girls got the Prosperity dress, a breathtaking gown featuring a velvet bodice and silk circle skirt. For the boys it was the Luck outfit, a vivid red biker jacket with white sneakers and black trousers.

Featuring - Pŕŷå ҳŦŔĎҳ
Featuring - χXJöńXχтяdχ

Avastyle Weekly 'Look of the Day'

This week's Avistyle Weekly 'Look of the Day' has been taken from both LKWD Ria's official post based around an item from the new Purple Rain collection from LKWD Couture and Emeana Avakin's brilliant Facebook feature!!!

LKWD Ria's Advice

To add some glitz and glamour to your wardrobe, Ria advises us to combine the below outfits and items...


  • Fairy Dust dress(pictured below)
  • Velvet Lavender heels
The Glitz and Glamour look

Emena Avakin's 'Look of the Day'

Outfit of the Day: Pastel Waitress

I think most of us can agree that pastel colours are gorgeous. You can't go wrong with shades like purple/violet/lilac to symbolise beauty and femininity 💜

Match it with a cute hairstyle and this waitress uniform for a unique look. I especially love the bow on this uniform 🎀

Please note: The Bombshell Heels are a Mystery Box item but any cute white heels should match well.

The Pastel Waitress

Outfit of the day: Independent Business Lady

She's probably out to sue you. What have you done now? 😓

I recommend adding a mobile phone to this outfit and you'll probably end up looking like someone important. Although from my personal experience it still hasn't helped, good luck to you!

The Independent Business Woman

V.O.A Collections


Unlike a lot of Avakin modelling groups/agencies, Vogues Of Avakin regularly bring us their own exciting themed collections, put together from items both old and new. The collections also gives us a lot of hints and tips to achieve that desired look.

This week they have yet again come up with another four brand new collections for us to try ourselves.

Red Carpet Ready Collection: Featuring - Allie93 x Ben Lovejoy x Vkarthikeyan x Xandrin x Anthony Van Dorn x Aziz x Lotus
Gothic Lovers Collection: Featuring - Ben Lovejoy x Karthik xTRDx x Azizkhan x Xandrin x |Fizzy x Hot Model x Lotus x Jason Young
Magic Collection: Featuring - Jason x Fizzy x karthik x nana x lotus x azizkhan x Aayn x Xandrin x Ben Lovejoy
Purple Love Collection: Featuring - Karthik x Xandrin x Fizzy x Mr dynamite x Cajun Queen x Jason x lotus x azizkhan x Ben Lovejoy

Best of the Brands

All of this week's best branded edits from members of the community
Shin Magami
Angelheart Ava
Daisy Avakin
Faith Avakin
Shin Magami
Makayla Clifford
By JonBug Ava ft Angelheart Ava
Daisy Avakin

Avakin Life Apartment Design

A big part of Avakin Life is owning your own apartment and customising it to suit your taste or perhaps for that special occasion/event. With so many apartments now available to buy or win, it's sometimes difficult to keep up with what's new and what items are inclusive to collect.

Luckily for us, Brandy Burry's brilliant Avakin Life Apartment Design Facebook/Instagram pages are a great source of information on all the latest apartment releases and provides some great ideas, hints, tips and examples on how to decorate each apartment to get us started. The page also boasts some beautiful photography.

This week we feature Lockwood's run down on the new Marbella Beach House apartment shared on the page, we find how our work can be included on the Avakin Life - Apartment Design Facebook/Instagram pages, Brandy shows us some of her useful ideas, hints and tips for the brand new Marbella Beach House, and we take a look at how some of our community members decorate their apartments.

Marbella Beach House apartment - by Lockwood

The Marbella Beach House apartment

A truly fabulous vacation property in one of the most beautiful marinas on the Costa del Sol, this open plan house offers beautiful sea views and a private beach.

Take a dip in the sparkling sea, have fun on the beach with friends or relax indoors with a good book.

With an open plan living area, bathroom, fitted kitchen, bedroom and beach area to make your own. With customisable walls and floors, and 7 exclusive daily rewards.

Become featured on Avakin Life - Apartment Design

If you love decorating and all things Apartment design, you want to help inspire the community or share beautiful photos of outdoor apartment scenery, the Avakin Life - Apartment Design can help your work be seen!!!

Just add your Avakin username in the comments of the original post(link below) or email them directly at contact@avakinlife-apartmentdesign.com and a photographer may just visit and feature your apartment. Just remember to ensure your desired apartments are public and can be accessed.

Brandy's Decorative Ideas, Hints & Tips

This week Brandy shows us some of her helpful decorative designs for the new Marbella Beach House apartment released this week. For a full catalogue of photos for the apartment, please visit and like the Avakin Life - Apartment Design Facebook/Instagram pages directly.

Your Decorative Designs

This week we take a look at some great decorative ideas by community members Allie93 and Lealusa |CB| for the Studio Loft, Lapland Log Cabin and Regent's Park apartments.

Owner: Allie93 Photographer: Leopard Lust

Studio Loft
Lapland Log Cabin

Owner and photography: Lealusa |CB|

Regent's Park

A Sit Down With Sapphy

Sapphy-Kelly Reece knows everybody.... Everybody knows Sapphy!!!.... So who better to send out into the world of Avakin each week to ask the community for an insight into their own Avakin Life.

This week Sapphy managed to catch-up with community mentors and apartment decorative experts Leopard Lust(Brandy Burry) and Hybie(Ashley Sumpter), and also Reckless family member Reckless|Savage for a chat and to find out more about their Avakin Lives.

1) What is your name? My name is Brandy Burry (Leopard Lust)

2) How old are you? I'm 22 years old

3) How long have you been on Avakin? I have been on Avakin for 2 years and 8 months.

4) Are you Part of anything? Groups, Families Etc? Yes, of course. Through my Avakin journey I have been in many groups. Currently I am still an admin, promoter and elite model in Avakin Model Management

For 9 months now I have put my heart into my own community organization, Avakin Life - Apartment Design. I have been a community mentor for 9 months also

5) What do you do in your group/family? In Avakin Model Management I assist Karoline as an admistrator and promoter, and of course model with the team

Owning and managing Avakin Life - Apartment Design, I inspire the community with examples to furnish every space in Avakin, assist users, host contests, provide guides and photography. Manage a Website, Instagram account and YouTube Channel

6) What is your fave thing to do on Avakin? My favorite thing to do is furnish apartments and inspire/help other Avakin users, Modeling and enjoying the many styles I can enjoy. Thanks to my experiences since becoming an Avakin I have learnt to edit photographs excellently and this is one of my most favorite things to do

7) Where is your fave hangout spot Honestly wherever the most newcomers are. I enjoy mentoring when im available

8) Fave feature? My favorite feature is the personal customization of our appearance and our apartments

9) Fave Apartment? My favorite apartment currently is actually the most recently released Marbella Beach house because of the swimming surrounding/scenery!

10) If you could add/change anything on Avakin, what would it be? If i could add anything on Avakin, i would make available the option for body sizing. If I could change anything, I would change the age restriction and imply more secure sign in, assuring age. But Lockwood never fails to impress me with their outstanding effort and lengths of accomplishment in Avakin Life

11) What do you like to do with friends? I adore Club Sundown, so most enjoy spending time with friends there. I typically prefer quiet servers though and so inviting to my apartments is always fun

12) What do you like most in this weeks release? My favorite released items from this week are the beach house of course and the purple rain enchantment dress; gorgeous to model!

13) What is your fave fashion feature/print? E.g. Stripes, Dots, Neon, Animal Print etc. My favourite fashion is from Cloud Nine, because this brand features daring attractive and vibrant features, including my favorite animal print, LEOPARD! It suits my real life clothing style best.

1) What is your name? Hybie

2) How old are you? 39 but sometimes I feel 79

3) How long have you been on Avakin? 1 year, 6 months

4) Are you Part of anything? Groups, Families Etc? I'm not. Never been good at the roleplay thing but I am a mentor if that counts

5) What do you do in your group/family? As a mentor I go round and help new players learn some of the basics. Ambassador I go round promoting the game on social media sites

6) What is your fave thing to do on Avakin? Definitely decorating my apartments. It's pretty much what I spend my time doing. I might be slightly obsessed

7) Where is your fave hangout spot? I am a big fan of the Devonshire winter cottage garden. People who hang there are usually chill and a good conversationalist

8) Fave Avakin feature? Guess the addition of SHOUTcast. It really lets us put a personal touch to our surroundings

9) Fave Apartment? Lapland Winter Cabin

10) if you could add/change anything on Avakin, what would it be? Different sit poses for sure. I need to lounge and spawl out. Also would add a space ship social spot

11) What do you like to do with friends? I like to go to clubs do the silliest dances and dress really weird

12) What do you like most in this weeks release? You're sitting in it. The Marbella beach house is amazeballs

13) What is your fave fashion feature/print? E.g. Stripes, Dots, Neon, Animal Print etc. I'm definitely in to the plain prints and dark colours. I like my life is to be first time I find that some prints can't do that

1) What is your name? Sierra (Reckless|Savage)

2) How old are you? 20

3) How long have you been on Avakin? 2 years

4) Are you Part of anything? Groups, Families Etc? I am part of the Reckless Family

5) What do you do in your group/family? Hang with them and if they need help. Help them and others, so on

6) What is your fave thing to do on Avakin? To meet new people and to be with friends

7) Where is your fave hangout spot? Starstyle

8) Fave Avakin feature? To be able to edit apartments

9) Fave Apartment? Regent's Park Apartment

10) If you could add/change anything on avakin, what would it be? I'd take the levels away as it only adds to conflicts with higher and lower levels

11) What do you like to do with friends? Hang with them and get to know them better

12) What do you like most in this weeks release? IKON Dress

13) What is your fave fashion feature/print? E.g. Stripes, Dots, Neon, Animal Print etc. Stripes

We Need You!!!

We constantly want this magazine to be for everyone to enjoy and take part in. It simply would not be possible without the huge amount of content posted each week by people who love Avakin Life as much as we do.

Therefore we want to ensure that literally everything and anything Avakin related anybody wants to see is included and shared with the rest of the community. To do this we need you!!!

So...... if you have a great idea for a feature you would like to see included or you have an event, group or family to promote, we would love to include it. If you want us to help promote your contests and competitions, we want to hear from you. If you want more exposure for your photo edits, videos and posters, we would love to help.

Mostly we value your feedback. We need you to help us make it better for you and let us know what you think.

To contact us for all the above and anything at all, just send us a message to the Avakin Addiction Magazine Facebook page and we will respond to everybody.

Thanks to.....

Thanks of course to - Lockwood for constantly working to bring us the best game in the world and making the experience so amazing. Keep up the great work!!!

Main contributors - Prya Ava Pavkova, Sapphy-Kelly Reece, Makayla Clifford, JonBug Ava, Brandy Burry, MQK TV, Emeana Avakin, LKWD Ria

This week's models - Søpɧiɛ xTRDx, ĎĨVÁ ЖŤŔĎЖ, Pŕŷå ҳŦŔĎҳ, RosèBaby, ΣVILICӨЦS XŦЯDX, ۵ÇöfféèĶål۵хŤŔÐx, ŁîBBŷ, ஜმทցęใիèárեஜxŢŘĐx, SåvvånahxTRD, LadyElise xTRDx, Lealusa |CB|, ஐmäddíşşönஐxTŘĐx, χXJöńXχтяdχ

YouTubers - MQK TV, IAM MT, 4Geekingoutloud

......and everyone whose amazing edits/posts/content was featured this week!!! Find em on Facebook/Instagram!!!!

........and finally.....

Thank you all for reading and for your feedback!!!

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