five ways to be more like water By Karli Riley, Coosa Riverkeeper Program Manager

I accepted an invitation--
to be more like water.
I've learned a lot so far. Here are five things that have brought me clarity in a turbid world.

1. Be Passionate.

Nobody stands with their back facing a river. There is a unspoken respect that comes from the strength and power of this body of water. That may be because sometimes the passion of a river can be damaging. But, it also can be because of the overarching enthusiasm a river has to keep pushing forward.

2. Be self-aware.

To be self aware is to look listen and learn about those (human and not) around you. A river is disciplined and attentive, fully present.

3. Be dependable.

A river knows that her absence will affect those who depend on her. She also knows that her actions will affect those downstream of her.
The dependability of a river made me think: who is bearing the responsibility of my wrong doings?

4. Be Humble.

Rivers are the veins of ecosystems, they strive for harmony. They nourish those around them, without asking for anything in return. They push for the successes of others, knowing we are all in this together.

5. Be able to adapt.

Water always takes the path of least resistance. Sometimes it may feel like change might be harder, and less productive towards the goal, but a river will never resist change. She just finds a different path.
Throughout this time of reflection, I've learned the inherent value of how a natural occurrence can be the source to the answers you are looking for.
And how import it is to just--Go with the flow.
Do you accept the invitation?
Join us--


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