Good life: Harn Museum of Art CaleB wilkins

conveyingThis technique interested me because of its simplicity. It was unlike a lot of the other art pieces because it was much more simple, which grabbed my eye. I soon learned art did not necessarily always have to be focused on being beautiful, but instead could be more centered around converying a message. This piece of art showed me that new technique.
videosvideosThis picture is important to me because it displays the diversity of the museum, an important aspect of the design. Yes, like a traditional museum, this museum had pictures, but it also displayed other mediums, like for instance, vidoes, like in this picture. This allows one to experience history, in this case women's history, in a completely different way.

This picture was a great depiction of war and suffering. It's realism allowed me to truly experience strong emotions. It allows me to put myself in other people shoes, and helps show me the difference in good lives. It shows me that not all values I have in my good life are shared or necessarily complete.

This picture shows some of the same things, and the different ways that people have in the good life. In each picture, everyone is distinctly different. This was eye opening to me and helped to remind me that all good life journeys are different, and mine will be as well.

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Caleb Wilkins

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