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Hi there! I am so excited you are interested in attending the AKP #HelloGorgeous Boudoir Marathon!

Feeling confident, sexy and beautiful is exactly what boudoir portraits are all about. Come laugh, rock your curves, drink some bubbly and not only look, but feel fabulous being photographed! Below are all the little details and FAQ's.


WHEN: The dates available are Sunday, March 14th and Sunday, July 25th 2021. Each day is limited to only 5 time slots.

View the current schedule here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lAKwPJau4c_XLLKNwSTw2lxSewPYvwOtITaExbKZQWU/edit?usp=sharing

WHERE: 4717 STENTON AVE #205 PHILADELPHIA, PA 19144. There is parking in the lot but if the lot is full there is free off street parking.

What can I expect when I arrive for my boudoir session?

Each collection includes light hair and full makeup (eyelashes too if you would like!). Once you arrive, Elyse will begin your hair and makeup. I have set the time slots accordingly so once you are finishing up your hair and makeup, the woman before or after you (depending on your slot time) will be done with their session.

Elyse - https://www.instagram.com/makeupbyelyseb/

There will also be light snacks, bubbly and water (please let me know if you have allergies).

"I have no clue what to wear!"

Oh girl, don't you worry. I send over a prep guide with tons of info and details to help you decide which outfits to bring, inspiration, and also how to prepare for the session!

Do you offer payment plans?

Of course. Our typical payment plan is 50% to secure your session and the remaining 50% a week and a half before. Payments can be made through the online contract with debit or credit card (no processing fee) or Venmo.

How many images will I receive?

On average you will receive between 70-90 fully edited digital images. You will also have a print release where you can share and print the images yourself.

How long is the portrait session?

We block an hour and 15 minutes for your hair and makeup with another 45 minutes for your photo time. It helps to have your outfits picked out ahead of time and ready to go, but if you need help deciding, we are more than happy to assist!

**We cannot stress how important it is you arrive on time for your session. Please plan your travel accordingly. If you arrive late, that time will be taken out of your portrait session**.

"I am going to be totally nervous... Is that okay or normal?"

To reassure you, EVERYONE is a bit nervous for these sessions in one way, shape, or form. Unless you are a swimsuit model and used to getting half naked in front of the camera, for most clients, this is their first time. It is totally natural and I am very experienced in posing and helping you become comfortable in front of the camera.

COVID19 - the big f*cking elephant in the room that can't sit with us.

We will be sanitizing the hair/makeup and camera equipment after each use along with parts of the room. Due to the nature of the session, there will be props such as the bed and couch that will be touched by the other women during their session. Your safety, as well as ours, is the top priority. We completely understand if you want to bring a friend to accompany you, however we are currently unable to accommodate additional guests, as we are having no more than four people in the 1,300 sq ft studio space at a time.

The Little Black Book...

A classic 5x5 black leather album with gold or silver embossing on the cover with text of your choice. Included is 20 pages (also known as 10 spreads) and your images printed on matte paper, giving it a luxurious and smooth feel.

*Samples will be at marathon to view. You can always upgrade to recieve an album after your session*

Rose Gold Glass 4x6 Photo Box

The Prosecco Collection includes a beautiful rose gold glass photo box filled with 20 (4x6) of your favorite prints

Well that was fun, what now?

Within 72 hours of your boudoir portrait session, I will be sending you a sneak peek of 5 images. Your images will be fully edited and available in two weeks after your session date. The fully edited images will be delivered within an online password protected gallery. The black leather album, glass box or additional prints/pages can be purchased a la carte.

If you do decide to order an album, I will ask you to create a favorites list in your online gallery. From there I will design the pages and send the proofs for your approval or to request changes. Once the order is placed with the lab, the album will arrive to you within 7 business days.

Once your images are delivered, we will ask for permission from you if we can share any of your images on social media to use for marketing. We understand the privacy of your session and want to ensure you are comfortable with us sharing any images.

How do I book my session?

As there are only 5 openings per marathon, sessions are limited. To reserve your session, please email me with which date (March 14th or July 25th) you prefer and the name of collection you would like. I will then write back with a link to the available time slots. Once confirmed, an online contract will then be sent over to your email to electronically sign with payment options. Your time slot is not reserved until the first payment is made.

Please do not hesitate to email me at hello@andreakrout.com with any questions. If you have insecurities (which trust me, we all do) let me know before the session! But most importantly, tell me what you love about yourself or what your significant other loves about you. Why I love these sessions and continue to do them is to help empower women. I hope to see you there!

With Love, Andrea

hello@andreakrout.com www.andreakrout.com @andrea_krout_photography

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