Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone is staying cozy and festive today!

We weren't sure if Santa knew where Eleuthera was on the map so we checked his route on the Santa tracker. It turns out we had nothing to worry about. Santa filled our beautiful new stockings with oranges and chocolate. Thanks for the socks Lois!

Joshua and I fashioned a twinkly, little tree out of some odd smelling branches that we cut down with our new machete. I baked Mom's shortbread and some peppermint patties and sent them to work with Josh. He just called to say he's handing them out to guests :) 1648 has been busy all day and all the guests are very happy.

I tried my hand at drawing a picture and baked butter tarts for the first time. Joshua gave me a beautiful Bahamas calendar, a lot like the one we used to get in Bermuda.

Muppet drawing and stocking on head

Tonight we are going to 1648 for prime rib and yorkies! It's a special meal for J and I. Josh's access to it (translation: working the 1800 degree broiler in Bermy) at Waterlot was the main reason I agreed to a second date. We hope everyone at home is filling their bellies with turkey and chocolate and other delicious treats!

I went for a gorgeous walk around Cupid's Cay this morning. The birds are chirping, the roosters are screaming, the potcakes are howling and the critters are crawling. It is a beautiful, noisy and yet perfectly serene day here in the harbour.

The roosters and their ladies arrived on our front porch this morning like rowdy carolers, so we started Christmas with a rooster chase around the yard. Ha! We all made a lot of noise.

Merez (old picture), came by for breakfast and he tried his first buttertart! Total success. Joshua made poached eggs with hollandaise on a bed of bacon and potato latkes. Yum!

This pair...

Apparently Junkanoo starts in a few hours and goes most of the night so Josh and I will be shakin' it on the Cay!

Love you!
Merry Christmas!
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