Welcome to 5th Grade Mrs. Finch

Dear 5th Grade Students,

My name is Mrs. Finch and I will be your 5th grade teacher. Many of you may know me, as I have taught at Bay Vista for the last twelve years but have been teaching for 36 years. I received my degree in Elementary Education from Auburn University. I am married and have two children, Charlie (32) and Katie (16).

I am looking forward to a busy and exciting year. This will be your last year in elementary school and I will be helping you get prepared for your transition to middle school. During your 5th grade year you will have the opportunity to be involved in many exciting activities such as Enterprise Village, Patrols, Student Council, and many more.

I would like to get to know each of you, so please send me an email with a letter about yourself attached. Include information about you, your family, your summer, favorite activities, your likes and dislikes about school and anything else you would like to share. These letters will be displayed in the classroom so make sure to make them publish quality. As soon as possible please send me your letter; Email: Finchel@pcsb.org (also, send me an email for your parents so that I can keep them updated).

I hope that you each had a fun and relaxing summer and are ready to come back to school ready to learn. Multiplication is a big skill to know when you return. Please begin practicing your facts as we will have weekly timed multiplication tests, starting the week you return to school.

Attached you will find a supply list for next year. Please bring these supplies if possible when school begins on Wednesday, August 14th.


Mrs. Finch

Supply List for Mrs. Finch's 5th Grade

(Remember to put your name on your supplies)

• One 1” white 3 ring binder with pockets and clear cover for inserts.

• 1 plastic folders with pockets – labeled Notebook Paper.

• 2 packages wide ruled notebook paper (have some at home to replenish)

• 5 sharpened #2 pencils (each day sharpened in pencil pouch)

• 2 thin, flat pencil pouches that will fit in your desk. Not a box type.

• 1 small covered pencil sharpener

• 1 package of colored pencils or thin markers-

*you may want to put these items in your pencil pouch

• 1 package of dry erase markers (dark colors)

• 1 highlighter

• Index cards (3x5)- lined

• 1 blue or red pen

• 1 ream of white copy paper

• 4 glue sticks

• 1 pair of earbuds –(such as used for ipods - not headphones ) for the computer

• USB Flash Drive (will not need until later in the year)

** Supplies will need to be replaced from home throughout the school year, as needed.

Wish List

Box of Tissues Extra Glue Sticks #2 Pencils

Hand Sanitizer Notebook Paper headphones

Cap Erasers Dry Erase Markers black sharpie pens

9 oz clear plastic cups

*I will provide rulers, scissors, and protractors. Please do not bring any other supplies, as our desk space is limited with all of the 5th grade textbooks and workbooks.

**If you need any help purchasing these supplies, please let me know.


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