Research Projects IntersDisciplinary connections into musical thinking

Making Music Count

Our goal is to provide a working environment where students are developing the musical know-how and its implicit mathematics that they use everyday in making sense of the music all around them. “Keeping the beat,” surprisingly becomes a path into the proportional mathematics helping to organize musical time.

Performamatics is a collaboration between the UMass Lowell Computer Science, Art, Music, and English departments in the area of exhibition and performance technologies. The common thread in Performamatics projects is that many tasks, performed by multiple people, must come together on a tight schedule by a specific date to achieve a desired result. Performamatics also implies that each team member must “perform” his or her task in a way that can be integrated into a final product, regard less of whether that team member participates visibly in the culminating event.

Based on our Interdisciplinary Sound Thinking Class

Computational Thinking in Sound is an effective tool for educators to introduce students to the complex process of computational thinking in the context of the creative arts through the more accessible medium of music.

Cambodian Culture Project: Music/Dance/Videography

UMass Creative Economy Grant Recipients: Alan Williams and Gena Greher

Discovering Cultural Identity and Self Identity: Creating Spaces for Cambodian-American Adolescents to explore their Cultural and Artistic Heritage

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