Journal Entries


Leaves scatter the ground. My hair waving around. Sun on my face. Wind blowing with grace.


I never hated you. I could never hate you. I just needed space.


I loved you from the start. Your like a work of art. But your little world without me. Is as perfect as It should be.


I am strong. I wonder why. I hear the rain and I see the pain. I need to be brave because I am strong. I pretend not to hear when I feel fear. I worry you are near. Than I cry my salty tears but I am strong. I understand that I say I'm strong. So I dream about kings. And I try to sing someday I hope to have wings. Because, I am strong.

Dear Girls

I know what growing up feels like. I happen to be going through it right now. And girls let me tell you this now, it's not easy. Puberty sucks. It messed with your feelings and it messed with your head. Not a good combination. So don't let anyone tell you your not perfect, or your not worth it. Because you are. All girls are. And I never want you to cry over some guy. I think guys should be the ones crying over us, am I right? No that doesn't mean I want you to be a cold hearted person but it does mean I want you to stay strong. Yes, it means you can cry because every girl crys, but I don't want you to feel the pain of this world. I know you will all experience it sometime in life but when your in your early teens and going through puberty it's like hell. Sorry for my language but it's true. I personally would advise for you not to date in those few years unless you know your ready to care for someone out side your family. Because it's hard caring for a guy when you know you could get hurt. But caring for a guy could also be the best thing that's happened to you. But feeling are complicated and if you feel like your in love with someone, I just want you to doesn't always last forever. He might say he will love you forever but forever might be shorter than you hoped. So please don't get yourself hurt over something little.

Family Time Is Way More Important Than I Thought

I believe that family time is way more important than I thought. Between the hugs, the I love you’s, and groundings you parents are the ones that will always be there for you. But if you ignore them and go off on your own you will miss all the special moments with them. You won't be able to look back and laugh at small memories because you won't have any. So no matter what you should hang out with your parents because one day they might not be there to hold you, to conform you, or to be there when you need them the most. When you're with them you end up realizing how much they love you. Every since I was little my dad would come to my room and bug me. He would tickle me and we'd wrestle and have fun, but soon after that I would get annoyed and tell him to go away. He would always act hurt to make me feel bad. When I was younger yes, it worked. But when I got older I would just tell him to leave because he's being annoying. I absolutely despised hanging out with my parents, maybe I thought it was uncool I don't know, but I would always rather hang out with my friends. I never thought of how my parents would feel I was always thinking of myself and what I wanted. I never thought my parents actually want to be around me. But I kinda thought I was wrong. Every time before my parents would leave my room because I told them to they would always tell me they loved me and I would be annoyed and say ya ya. I regret lots of it. I regret not hanging out with them more. It all started at the beginning of August. My mom told me my dad was getting surgery. She wouldn't tell me why she just told me that he would be fine. So at my age my brain is wandering everywhere thinking of all, the possible situations. Is he going to die? I thought. Or maybe something easier like a kidney stone had to be removed. I didn't know what to think when my dad came home from his surgery tired, probably the medicine I reassured myself. My mom finally explained what the surgery was about. My dad had to get a tumor removed. I was just glad that he was okay. I thought that I should probably spend more time with him because the surgery could have went bad and he could have died so I prayed thanking God that he was alive and that he would bug me some more. It's weird right, that I could have missed him bugging me but I did. I missed having him around. A little while later I totally forgot about hanging out with my dad and begged my parents to let me hang out with my friends. After that at the end of August on a Thursday after school I got a call from my mom. "Hey your dads in the hospital do you want to visit him?" Shocked I just stood there. I replied yes and she told me to meet her at Walgreens . I walked to Walgreens straight away as my heart was beating out of my chest. She picked me up and we headed to the hospital without a word. She again wouldn't tell me what's wrong and once again I let my imagination wonder. I was thinking that he might not live. I was trying to stay calm like my mom was but I could feel my eyes tearing up. My mom told me when we got there that he had a blood clot in his lung and he's been in the hospital since last night before. She told me everything is ok and I have nothing to worry about so I decided to tell my brother what was happening because even though he was out of state he's still part of the family. So I texted him that dad was in the hospital. He was concerned and asked why. I simply told him what my mom told me. I told him everything was fine and that dad had a blood clot in his lung and everything is ok now. He replied that having a blood clot in your lung is very much not ok. That's when I started freaking out. Was my mom just trying to make me feel better? When we got to the hospital we had to go through a maze of rooms and people. We got to his room and my dad looked fine. Tired but fine. I sighed in relief when he said he was perfectly healthy and he wanted to go home. I sat on the chair next to him and we talked about school and homework. When he came home I was never so grateful to have a dad that bugs me and annoys me. I started going downstairs more and hanging out with my parents. I wanted to spend as much time with them as I can because you never know how long you have with them. So yes, I believe that family time is way more important than I thought.


Phillies was a diner my friends and I would go after school. But since I went off to college I haven't gave it a thought till one night I pasted by it while visiting my parents. I missed going there with all my friends laughing and eating amazing food but at night it's a nice place to eat dinner. The next night i was there I decided to have dinner there and revisit old memories, so I did. I walk in and theirs two other people there, three including the waiter. Two men where sitting at the bar. One was looking at a photograph and looked lost in thought. The other man was quitely sipping his coffee. I decided while I'm in town I should at least meet some new people. So I walked over and sat next to darker haired man sipping his coffee. He glances at me and I can see a smile slowly spread across his face. "I'm Britney," I say trying to start a conversation. The man than looked at me and smiled a little. "What's your name," I ask hoping he wouldn't just stare at me. "It's a mystery," he says while smiling. "Im not a big fan of mysterys," I reply with a half smile. "Well I guess that sucks for you," he chuckles and keeps smiling. I didn't know if I amused him or something but he couldn't stop smiling. So I simply said, "all mysteries are meant to be solved," he looked into my eyes smiling and said "I don't think that's how the saying goes," ugh he was impossible. "So how old are you," I try to keep the conversation going although I already knew I didn't like him that much. "Isn't it rude if you ask people that?" He asks. "No that's only if your a girl," I reply and he smiles. "I'm Jason," he smirks puts some money on the table and walks out. I could feel the blood drain from my face and I saw the man with the photograph look up at me looking concerned. That can't be possible.

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