Creating a Digital funnel Presented by Christa, Ian, Sunil and Marguerite of moving targets

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  • Activity (15 - 25 minutes)
  • QA (whatever is left over)

It's all about data

An effective digital marketing strategy encourages a targeted audience of potential customers to complete a series of behaviors that better informs your business of their wants and needs. And, of course, sells to them.

We call that series of behaviors a funnel. Every business has one, whether they realize it or not.

Steps to creating a Digital funnel

  1. Determine your audience/market fit
  2. Choose a traffic source
  3. Create a lead magnet
  4. Offer a core product promotion
  5. Create a return path

Determine Audience/Market Fit

This is where building a buyer persona and SWOT analysis come into play. Understanding your audience, competition will inform the following steps.

Traffic Sources

Your traffic source, in simplest terms, is the tool you will use to encourage your first engagements.

Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is the advertisement or promotion of a product/service that encourages your first trackable behavior.

Have you seen things like this before?

Core Product Promotion

A follow up advertisement that uses the collected data to encourage a sale.

Have you received things like this before?

Return Path

A way for a business to use collected data to reach out to a segmented audience on a regular basis.


  1. Pick your surprise business out of a hat
  2. Using the poster and markers, create a funnel strategy for the business.
  3. Use the examples below as a guide.

Q and A time!

Tell us about you, as us about us!


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