Butterflies in the Rain Zoƫ Wasserlauf

NAture on display

I know that it is probably unoriginal, but I thoroughly enjoyed the butterfly exhibit and would definitely classify it as my favorite at the museum. I knew it as soon as I saw the beautiful display of butterflies on the ceiling leading up to the entrance (my picture does not do it justice). It was raining on the day I went to the museum so there weren't many butterflies out. This only inspired me to look at the wildlife in new ways to try and spot the creatures trying to avoid the rain. This challenge made me enjoy the experience more and forced me to appreciate this exhibit in a new way. By seeing such an immersive and interactive exhibit, it captured the true beauty of the butterflies that I wouldn't have found if I read about the different species in a book or seen on a still display. Natural museums have always been one of my favorite museums. It piques my interest more than other ones and always seem to be more interactive and interesting to me. This was my first time going there so just seeing this place's take on the natural world around us was extremely enjoyable for me and it is an experience that I won't soon forget.

A poor picture of a beautiful scene

nature and ethics

I was born into a family of farmers. This meant that at a very young age I was taught to appreciate nature and to see the beauty of the Earth and all it has to offer. Going to the Natural Museum reinforced this idea and I got to fall in love with the world around me all over again; this helped me understand and experience nature as Leopold suggests. Going through the different exhibits gave me a sense of serenity and wonder. There was a mother with her two children who was taking the same route as I was and I got to see those same feelings on the expressions on the young kids. The interactive exhibits helped those children, and also me, connect with things that we'd normally wouldn't. I already felt the ethical responsibility that Leopold feels but this experience did reinforce how I feel and it has compelled me to become more active in fighting for the world around me.

A brave butterfly venturing out into the rain

nature and the human spirit

I went to the Natural History Museum during a particularly busy time for me. This experience took me out of my daily routine and threw me into a calming little sanctuary. As someone who loves routine, doing this really forced me to appreciate the experience. I grew up going to these type of museums and learning to enjoy all aspects of nature. Since I started to get busy in recent years, this appreciation has been thrown to the wayside. By going to the museum, I was reminded of the majesty and beauty associated with the outside world and it reminded me of how much I used to love to hike, camp, and just sit to enjoy the world around me. I hope that going to this place had the same effect on other students as it did on me.

My new friend munching on a banana

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