War of the roses By: dylan kelly

White rose is the representation for the house of York Edward the 4th was part of the house of York three kings of England where part of this house too.

Henry iv Vs Edward iv

Henry iv was crowned king at only 1 year King Edward Edward IV rules England for ten years, but some nobles become angry at his arrogance and laziness. He is thrown off the throne in 1470.

Richard III-Guilty or Not

I believe that Richard iii was guilty because he had a very good motive to kill his nephews and they found two skeletal remains of adolescent boys under the steps of the tower of Londen.

Battle of Bosworth Field

in this battle king Henry iv was killed


Created with images by pipilongstockings - "War of the roses RIP pops x" • Renaud Camus - "Le Jour ni l’Heure 0452 : William Hole, 1846-1917, Arrivée, 1068, de Marguerite de Wessex, future reine d'Écosse et sainte Marguerite, 1898, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Édimbourg, samedi 14 avril 2012,12:43:56" • lovlovhearts - "Eternal White Roses" • srqpix - "white roses 2 crop" • Cea. - "Henry IV en la poule au pot" • p_a_h - "Richard III" • gavinandrewstewart - "Bosworth Field" • Vintuitive - "Battle of Bosworth Puritan Shiraz 2012" • gavinandrewstewart - "Bosworth Field" • gavinandrewstewart - "Bosworth Field"

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