Obama High School WHy we are a Unique Community

Obama High School is a magnet school for grades 9-12 of students who come from low income families. The goal of Obama High School is to ensure that students of low income families get the same education as students from the upper & middle classes.
At Obama High School we believe that all students should have the opportunity to pursue their passions whether it be in the classroom or outside of the classroom. At Obama High School we offer 22 varsity sports and encourage students to participate.
Every day after school until 5pm there are tutors in the library to help students who are struggling in a class, have a question about something that happened in class, or just want to do their homework with a tutor there is a question arises. The tutors are some teachers, but mainly other students. We feel that by having other students tutoring their peers it helps to create bonds and helps students feel comfortable asking for help if they don't want to ask their teacher.
A unique part of our community is Michelle's Garden which is in the courtyard of our school. This garden is cared for by the students and they take a lot of pride in the success of the garden. The students helped to build the garden, keep up with the caring of the garden by watering, raking, and weeding. The students then harvest the vegetables from the garden and they are then used for food in the cafeteria. The excess vegetables that are just going to go to waste in the cafeteria are given to local soup kitchen to help feed others in the surrounding community.

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