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Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) is the largest charity organisation aimed at protecting animals from cruelty in Australia.


The RSPCA appeals to a wide variety of people. People whom; have adoption enquires, reporting animal abuse and queries about dog training etc. The target audience of the diary will be animal lovers, pet owners and veterinarians.

Purpose/ Context

The diary cover design will be given to people who donate, volunteer or adopt an animal, as display of appreciation from the RSPCA. The RSPCA diary cover will be seen being used in schools, universities and workplaces.


Some of the constraints on the diary cover include it must be 210mm x 296 including a 3mm blend with crop marks and must be landscape. Colours used must be CMYK. Images must be in high-resolution and 300 dpi.


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The RSPCA already have a line of there own merchandise. The RSPCA has a wide variety of items for sale items such as apparel, stationary, animal medication, toys and more.

Paperclips - https://www.worldforpets.com.au/products/47483

Tablets - https://www.worldforpets.com.au/products/49456

Diary - https://www.worldforpets.com.au/products/50172

Notebook - https://www.worldforpets.com.au/products/16521


According to the ‘World For Pets Online RSPCA Superstore’ the 2017 diary cover has 5 stars rating. This shows that consumers loved the diary cover. This gives a suggestion that the target market prefer simple and elegant diary with not too much colour. Most of the ‘popular’ products on the site are for dogs although cats have the highest adoption rate compared to all other animals according to the 2015/2016 annual report from the RSPCA. This gives an idea that to incorporate a dog or cat image to the diary cover design for 2018 will work well with the target market.


Competition for RSPCA is the Humane Society International as they're another widely known organisation aimed at protecting and caring for animals. The Humane Society International also has their own promotional line of products such as apparel, bags, stationary and tech cases. When creating the diary cover design for 2018 it should be important to avoid using any images typography or symbols that could be seen in Humane Society International’s products, as this could confuse the audience and possibly lead to infringement of copyright laws.

Purpose / Context

The diary will not only be given to supporters of the RSPCA but also will be sold at functions, fundraisers, charity events and at all RSPCA animal shelters. Any diary that is sold 100% of proceeds will be donated.


The image of the merchandise the RSPCA has previously released gives a good idea of the style and aesthetic that the RSPCA is going for. This will help give direction and guidelines on how the diary cover should look. The image of the 2017 diary cover also shows what the audience would prefer a simple design.

The images of Humane Society International's products, show the competitions style. This will also help when creating the diary cover to ensure the design does not look anything like the Humane Society International's products so any copy right laws are not infringed upon.

Idea Generation

Mood board

First brainstorm
Top: 10 sketches in 20 minuets. Bottom: Refined idea
Inspiration found on Google
Testing different san-serif fonts
Font selected for for diary cover
Colour swatches

Theses are some examples of idea generation I have conducted so far. Creating colour swatches, brainstorming ideas, testing different san-serif fonts, searching the internet for inspiration and sketching up potential designs for the diary cover. This has been highly beneficial for inspiration and helpful for generating a concept for the diary cover design.

Design Elements and Principles

The plan for the diary cover is to use design elements such as colour and type but also to use principles like balance, alignment and rhythm. I have yet to apply the animals faces to the design but this will be the balance alignment and rhythm component of my diary cover design. So far I have applied only the font and colour to the diary cover design.

Concept development and Refinement

Tested medias, materials and methods

When designing the charity diary cover I have used and tested different medias materials and methods. For example using Photoshop I have turned an image of a cat, from Google, into a cartoon. To do this I used several different tools including masking, brush tools, applying many layers and merging them as well. Although, this did not work out how I imagined it to be. I also created a colour chart in Illustrator as a colour guide of what colours to use.

Original image - http://www.wwwallaboutcats.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/cat4-1.jpg
My cartoon version of image

Design Elements and Principles

Experimenting with different design elements and principles was also a large portion of my concept development. Deciding things such as: what colour background to use, the symmetry of the animals faces, proportions for when deciding the size of the faces and text, if to use a texture on the faces of the animals or not and also when considering if the animals face or the text is the centre of interest. Additionally I have tested several different fonts for the design.

Most effective design solutions

The most successful and effective design solution that I have come up with so far is that I have decided to use “Century Gothic” font for my design. I have chosen to use this font because it is san-serif. This creates a more modern feel to the cover. I have also decided to make the background the same blue tone as the RSPCA logo. I have also decided to only use cat and dog faces instead of other animals since the research I conducted for journal entry 1 showcased that cats and dogs have the highest adoption rates at the RSPCA.

How solutions meet the design brief

The solutions meet the design brief in terms of the constraints because the brief states that "some colours or images could be offensive" but the colours and images I have selected are appropriate for the diary cover since they reflect the company and are colours the company use often. I have also met the requirements of the design brief when considering audience and purpose as my design contains images of cats and dogs which are the most adopted animals at the RSPCA.

Refinements needed to fulfil the design brief.

The final refinements left to fulfil the design brief and to complete the diary cover design include inserting the cat and dog faces to the front of the diary cover and also inserting the logo on the back side of the diary cover. Also to display diary cover to teacher and fellow peers for any suggestions.


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