Chinese new year Press review

In this article I'm going to talk about the Chinese new year. Chinese new year is the most important event for Chinese peoples. This event occurs every year from january 21 to February 19 because he is based on the solar and lunar calendar. The Chinese new year is the beginning of the Spring Festival which begin one week before and it end two weeks later by another event called the Lantern festival. Actually the Chinese new year is represent by a full moon, and the Lantern festival is the second full moon of the year. The astronomical alignment that signals the new moon is determined at the Purple Mountain Observatory in Nanking. Chinese people can enjoy the festival because their standard public holiday is seven day. But Chinese must work the two weekend days closest to the statutory holiday to "make up the work time". Chinese New Year was set to coincide with the slack time just before a new year of farm work begins, as a time of preparation. When most Chinese were farmers this made sense but today 55% of China's population is rural, so now this Festival does not really have the same meanings. China is a huge country and the Spring Festival is not the same everywhere, there are divergences according to the region. For exemple in the Republic of China (Taïwan) in Hong Kong and Macao does not have the same public holiday and tradition. China has an huge impact on Asia for millennia, thus China exported its culture to other countries in it's region such as Vietnam with the Têt Festival.

The dates that are related with the Zodiac signs

The years are also represents by 5 elements : Fire, wood, Water, Earth ground and Metal.

Now Let's talk about the Chinese new year meal

As in Europ during Christmas, the meal is very important in Chinese mind. We have the chicken which is good for health, vegetables for intelligence etc... The new year meal must be enormous because in the Chinese culture, a lot of meal means that they will lack nothing. The most important food in this meal is the fish. Fish represent the extra, and to have a fish on this day mean that they will lack nothing. The fact to not finish the fish is also a way to show it. They also eat a lot of cake because in their languages, the word cake is an homophone of growth, and eating the cakes will allow them to grow in what they want.

After the meal, Chinese peoples give this red envelope. Traditionally They were distributed by the elders to unmarried children and young people, and had above all the symbolic value of bringing luck throughout the new year. The person who receives the envelope must make a wish for the donor. Traditionally the donor say "Congratulations and make fortunes." This present can be the way that someone gives pocket money for a whole year.During visits to family and friends, in the days that follow, it is customary to offer an envelope to the children of visitors or visitors; Many are therefore careful to get supplies in small cuts before the period of the festival. Then at midnight children are allowed to explode the firecrackers and the fireworks. To prevent from accident, private firecrackers are forbidden in some region by the electric firecrackers.

Now we are going to talk about the history of this event

The Chinese new year tradition come from severals believes. The most important belief for this event is about a crual monster that eat peoples and mostly children. But Nian fear the noise, the light, and the red color. That's why Chinese people explode firecrackers and fireworks, stick red paper on their door with wishes and light up the lanterns. For the Chinese the red color is sign of luck. Chinese peoples believes in a Genie, is name is Zaojun. This Genie is watching and protecting the whole family during all the year. His picture is in every Chinese house. Each Chinese family carries out the farewell ceremony. To obtain the favors of the Genius, they deposit offerings in front of his picture. These are usually sticky products (like sweets), to stick the mouth of the genius and prevent him from telling evil of them to the Emperor of jade. On the first day of the new year, every family sticks in the kitchen the photo of the new genius who will watch over them until next year.

Here is a Zaojun pictures

The famous dragon dance

A large multicolored and articulated dragon is made. He dance to the sound of drums and gongs, and everyone cheerfully accompanies this majestic animal in its spectacular dance ! Dragon represents luck, nobility and bravery in Chinese peoples mind.

Chinese peoples goes to the local temple or ancestral tombs. They sleep as less as possible because it is a sign of longevity. In Chinese culture faster you go in the temple more you are lucky during the year. It's why peoples are a lot in front of the temple to light the first incense candles. It is important to wear new red clothes for the first day of the years.

The Chinese new year is celebrated worldwide, not only in Asia. you can see on this map the most countries with the most big amount of Chinese population.

London is not on the map, but London is the most big Europe celebration of the Spring Festival. European countries make parades for this occasion.

Chinese new year important migration

Chinese new event is a family event. All Chinese try to reach their families, which is a real challenge in terms of transportation and public space. The roads stations and airports are totally congested because of the huge amount of people. For example :

To my mind, the authorities should find some solutions while investing to de-clutter few important areas that are congested because of intensive migration.

The last celebration : The Lantern Festival

The Lanterns Festival is also called Yuanxiao festival. Admiring the lanterns is one of the main activities of this festival. This festival is made 15 days after the Chinese new year and is the precise date of the first full moon of the year. Children and parents take a walk with lantern handmade (or not) at home or at school. As you can see on the picture above in Taïwan, peoples lights lantern by themselves by making wishes. This concept is the result of an ancient legend. This is the story of an evil god who threatens to go down to earth on the 15th day to set fire to the capital. To prevent this, they try to deceive the god by lighting the lanterns in order that from heaven he imagines that the city is already burned

I hope you enjoyed the article. Excuse me for grammar mistakes, I work my English as well as possible.

"A picture is worth a thousand words"ête_des_lanternes

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