Arts Seniors Spotlight

Our seniors are an incredible, tenacious, and eclectic bunch. Studying economics, computer science, politics, biology, languages, statistics, communications, and mathematics in addition to their creative pursuits, they embody the interdisciplinary bent of the Arts experience at Wake Forest. Below are just a handful of these brilliant seniors—see what they've been doing, and what's coming next.

Meet the future (we're in good hands).

Rhythm Badal

Economics, Studio Art

"As we grapple with the emotional, physical, financial and systemic consequences of the pandemic, hip hop music can offer a source of healing, joy and reflection."

After graduation, Badal hopes to expand the Jukebox Therapy project into the city of Winston-Salem, hoping to organize community-created playlists that are more site-specific. She hopes to keep the overall theme of connection and unity strong moving forward.

Rhythm's artwork is also featured in the Student Exhibition, displayed at Hanes Gallery.

Chloe Beatty


In addition to being part of the inaugural class of Wake Forest engineers, Chloe was a star of the Dance Company for all four years at Wake Forest. She now works as Transportation Project Planner for the City of Winston-Salem Department of Transportation. 

Amanda Black

Biology, Dance Minor

Amanda, a Presidential Scholar in Dance (Ballet), brings her creative energy to the world of scientific research and medicine. A member of the Dance Company and teacher in Community Ballet, she brings a record of excellence as she applies to nursing school.

Maddie Boyer


Maddie, who sang soprano at Wake Forest, is set to begin working in marketing at L’Oreal.

Fiona Burdette

Math, German, Art History Minor

Fiona recently received a prestigious Fulbright to study Egyptian architecture. She will be attending graduate school, studying Egyptology at Humboldt University, where her research will continue on architectural innovations in the mortuary temple built by the woman Pharaoh Hatshepsut. Fiona is also a Presidential Scholar in Music.

Sarah Comegno

Art History

Sarah has brought passion and precision to everything she touches— from her work with the Student Union Art Acquisition Committee, University Art Collection, and Hanes Gallery, to helping to organize the successful 2021 Blockchain Hackathon event, to performing as a member of the Dance Company. She's headed to New York City to work with Cristin Tierney ('93) in her renowned Gallery, where she'll oversee a massive Alois Kronschlaeger art installation.

John Farrell

Computer Science

"I want to use the flexibility of computer science to pivot into the arts and entertainment industry.”

Ranging from painting to archaeology, Farrell’s interests are diverse, yet he is confident that he is seeking to incorporate his multifaceted passions into a field of study that offers the flexibility that Farrell was seeking. Farrell’s journey in computer science is open-ended, and he points out that the unknown fuels his excitement to learn more.

Anna Flowers

Mathematical Statistics, Music Minor

Beyond Flowers’ work in the statistics department, music has also had a sizable impact on her undergraduate experience. Not only does Anna have a music minor, but she also plays clarinet and is a Presidential Scholar for Music.

Lynn Huffard

Art History, Communications, French Minor

“I think that science is beautiful and it is one way to describe the world, but art is just another way of doing it — you’re doing it on a canvas, you’re doing it as a sculpture, a photograph, a building.”

Lynn was a member of the 2021 Student Union Art Acquisition Committee, responsible for purchasing historic artwork for the Wake Forest Art Collection.

Lynn is about to start a position as Visual Merchandising Assistant at Abercrombie & Fitch.


Communications, Defensive Tackle (Football Team)

From Sierra Leone to Winston-Salem—passion and talent on and off the field. His artwork was featured in the Student Exhibition in Hanes Gallery.

Xingxiang Liu

Musical Performance

Xingxiang (Sean) will begin a Master’s program in vocal performance at Manhattan School of Music.

Gwyneth Lonergan

Politics & International Affairs, Theatre

A stage manager par excellence, Gwyneth was ket to Theatre productions including the innovative virtual 14 Lines For Now. She plans to work in environmental policy in Washington, D.C.

Gabriel Mansour

Politics, International Affairs, Economics Minor

A Presidential Scholar in percussion, Gabe Mansour is headed to New York City as a Financial Products Analyst at Bloomberg LP.

Mikey Mattone

Business & Enterprise Management, Studio Art

"I have a weirdly nerdy side that loves calculus and analytics and math, but I’m also highly creative, like an art major. And so Wake provided the opportunity for me to explore both passions."

Mikey was a member of the 2021 Student Union Art Acquisition Committee, responsible for purchasing historic artwork for the Wake Forest Art Collections.

Christina McGee

Psychology, Dance Minor

A stunning performer, research assistant, and teacher, Christina McGee is applying to medical school.


Studio Art, Biology

Christina was recently named a semi-finalist for a Fulbright award for her art research proposal related to climate change and endangered species, and she’s excited to continue her artistic journey and climate change awareness initiatives while she applies to medical schools.

Check out Christina’s Honors exhibition at stArt Gallery.

Camille Monceaux

Communications, Minors in Journalism and Studio Art

Camille will return in the Fall as the Wake Forest Fellow in CER & Provost Communication.

Olivia Nandkeolyar

Economics, Political Science, International Relations

Olivia Nandkeolyar has been a part of the Wake Forest Dance Company (she is also a dance minor) and spent time teaching ballet to the Winston-Salem community with the dance department.

Olivia is about to begin working for CVS Health in their general management leadership program before she begins applying for MBA programs.

Cassidy Noble

Psychology, Theatre, Health & Human Services Minor

Cassidy was a phenomenal president of Anthony Aston Players, and directed multiple stage productions. She is about to begin a two-year residency with a local Winston Salem church, where she'll earn a master’s degree in Christian Ministry.

Riley Phillips

German, Studio Art, Art History Minor

A candidate for Honors in both German and her studio art, Phillips’ Studio Art Honors Exhibition, “Unmentionables: Confronting Fantasy and Femininity.” She has also been involved with the Anthony Aston Players and worked as a costume shop assistant for the theater and dance department.

Riley is about to take on a new role as WFU Student Art Gallery manager.

Zoe Stuckey

Psychology, Theatre

Zoe will return in the Fall as the Wake Forest Fellow in Campus Life.

Emma Szuba

Theatre, English

“I wanted a live outdoor production, even under the social distancing requirements, so it was a big challenge. But it was really exciting to do a live performance here again on campus.”

Being able to put together a live production after such a tumultuous time for the performing arts was a powerful experience for Szuba.

Abby Vogeley

Biology, Minors in Neuroscience, Psychology and Writing

“Working with dancers and neuroscientists and seeing this unique collaboration has been the highlight of my senior year."

Abby contributed research to Wake Forest's IMPROVment®, studying the relationship between dance, neuroscience, and aging. She will be in D.C. for the next two years working in a research fellowship position at the National Institute of Mental Health, investigating therapeutic options for individuals who suffer from treatment-resistant depression and suicidal ideation.

Ying Xu

Politics & International Affairs, Minors in Chinese and Spanish

Ying "Lauren" Xu came to Wake Forest as a Presidential Scholar in Music (piano) and worked as a mentor in the Wake Forest Chapter of Musical Empowerment. An interdisciplinary dynamo, she also writes poetry and photographs for The Forest Folk project. She's headed to the Duke University Fuqua School of Business Master in Management Studies program.

Julianne Zhu

Musical Performance

"When I got to Wake Forest and I saw the organ in Wait Chapel, and I thought, ‘I want to play that.’"

Having only played piano for a few years as a kid in Shanghai, China, Julianne Zhu was determined to master the giant instrument. Julianne will be attending UNCSA for graduate studies in Music, continuing her passion for the pipe organ.


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