Town of Chase, WI By: grace behnke

The stone barn began in 1867, and is still standing and used today.

Town Hall Address: 8481 County Road S Pulaski, WI

Barn Rental, the price of the Stone Barn rental was reduced.

The local government decided to change the price to $1,000.00 for a three day rental package and $500.00 for the one day rental effective immediately. The original price for the three day rental package was $3,500.00, and the one day rental was $3,000.00.

Town of Chase Sign

I agree with what the local government decided to do about the rental price. I agree because the price before was very expensive, so I don't think much people rented it. Now since it went down more families and friends can enjoy renting the historical barn.

I believe that the government didn't have to change their decision. Now that the price went down more people will use it. The profits will go up even though the rental price went down just because more people are renting it. I agree with the solution the government came up with.

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