Sit-ins By:gerardo CHacon

Sit-Ins were a very popular act to protest, they were peaceful protest against unequal rights, the sit-ins were done by African Americans who didn't like segregation in the US. The sit-ins took place in diners where there was a segregated area for colored people, African Americans would sit at the counter and try to order food when they got refused they would wait there until they got served or the police had to be called. A mob of white males would enter the dinner and harass the protesters.

A white female and male join the African American protesters and get salt poured on them
White male mob come to harass the protesters

The sit ins first started in 1960 when four African American students from North Carolina sat at a lunch counter for whites.

This event was trying to reach equal rights for any one in the US.

Mostly young African Americans who did not agree with segregation were involved in the protest and sit ins. MLKJR was also involved in this movement.

This group was facing racial injustice that is why they had to be peaceful.

Today we can see that African Americans and anyone in the US have equal rights

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