Horses By Gabby

Horses are beautiful
They are offen used to get people places.
People don't use them right.
They were once wild animals
But some people caught them so they could get their lazy butts around.
Today you can get horse back riding lessons but we treat them nicer than befor.
baby horses like to stay close to their moms. Just in case.

They come in so many different colors.

They like a lot of space
Baby horses are called colts
Cute aren't they.
Their moms love them like your mom.
If they are scared they can get jumpy
There is so much in this big world.
Their moms incourage them.
I hope you learned a lot


Created with images by jwright4701 - "horses" • Man Alive! - "Horse" • christels - "horse close up eye" • S Baker - "Horse" • rihaij - "horse evening light mold" • christels - "horse head portrait" • PaulSchneider - "horse mold pasture" • Ah_Riz_Ko - "horses mare foal" • PhillipC - "Patricia's horse" • GPS 56 - "Horse & Baby Horse" • rihaij - "horse foal thoroughbred arabian" • uniteddiversity - "Horses - Mother and child" • daita - "Cheek" • rihaij - "horse foal suckling" • Mariamichelle - "foal baby horse" • rihaij - "horse foal brown mold" • Kaz - "foal horse pony"

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