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Week 1

How Many Books and Pages: 2 & approx. 750

Time To Read: 5 hrs. in total

Entertainment Rating: Book 1: 2/10 Reason: Not terribly enjoyable for me as I am a patriot of my country, Germany. This Book was about a Jewish boy and the Nazis, of course, where heavily critisised. While it is true that what they did was terrible, but they don't have to dig it in. The reason I bought the book in the first place is because of the absoultely informative blurb. Book 2: 5/10 Reason: Decent plot but the book was not very gripping and did not suck me in. Also Title does not have any relation to the actual plot of the book as there isn't even a dog mentioned in the book. It is about young a comedian and him telling his jokes as a stand-up comedian in his school's talent show. (SPOILER ALERT: He wins)

Book 1, "Once"
Book 2, "Dogs Don't Tell Jokes"
The Greatest award is doing something you are proud of - Louis Sachar

Week 2

How Many Books and Pages: 1 & 9

Week 3

This week, I have read quite a few books. I finished reading the one that I started last week, I read "The Person Controller", and I have started reading "The Thornwaite Betrayal"

Books and Pages: 2 & 400

Time To Read: 3.5 hours

Entertainment Rating: Book 1 8/10 Reason: Plot decently amusing, not very sucked in but the main reason is because I also sometimes dream of controller that, well, controls people. Book 2: 5/10 Reason: Have not really read enough pages yet, normally I need about 100 pages to assess a book.

Book 1 Front


Book 2 Front


Quote of the Week

Week 4

Books & Pages: 4 & 1300

Time To Read: in total, roughly...9.5...?

Entertainment Rating:

Book 1: Jake Atlas | 8/10 | Reason: Modern weaponry, relatively engaging plot, some funny moments

Book 2: Urban Outlaws | 9/10 | Reason: Amazing Plot, rebellion, based in London, easy to imagine what it looks like at any moment and loads of technology

Book 3: Action Hero | 2/10 | Reason: Bad Choice. The book is probably WAY under my level and boring plot.

Book 4: Radio Boy| 7/10 | Reason: I love anything to do with the word "DJ" and the the main character is the same age as me

Asking Me if i like reading is like asking me if i like breathing. - unknown

Week 5

Check Reading Journal Doc to find video link.

Week 6


Week 7


Week 8


Week 9


Week 10

Anniversary! Yay! Just... it's not.


Books & Pages: 4 & ~ 1000

See? Told you I would read more than last time!

Time To Read: 70 years (as you can see)...

In other words, 7 hours... : )

Entertainment Rating:

Book 1: Arena 13 8.5/10 Reason: This is an absolutely amazing book and the only thing that let the book down is the ending. It is a total cliffhanger and I hope to see a second book leading on from this one.

Book 2: Big Nate 9/10

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