MABLL Metro area Box lacrosse league

Providing Real Box Lacrosse for the DC Metro area!

Learn more about the MABLL and what we have to offer

True Canadian Box Lacrosse!

Developing players of all ages and abilities!

MBLA certified coaches for every game!

ULL sanctioned officials for every game!

All Goalies will be coached and developed by the MBLA!

Mandatory training camp for all players!

3 - 15 min Periods with 30 second Shot Clocks!

Do you have what it takes to step on the floor!

Don West, one of the original players in the league, a long time commissioner, and why we play for the WEST CUP!

The MABLL dates back to 1975, and has a long history of delivering box lacrosse to the DC Metro Area!

Byron Snyder was the founder of the MABLL and wanted everyone to have the chance to enjoy box lacrosse.

This season will mark the 45th year of the leagues existence!

Canadian box lacrosse is rich in tradition and excellence.

Our roots run deep and we keep with tradition!

Introducing the Four Divisions of the MABLL

The Blue Division

Baltimore, MD 2021 Season!

The Gold Division

Northern Virginia 2022 Season!

The Green Division

Anne Arundel County, MD 2022 Season!

The Orange Division

Frederick, MD 2021 Season!

why play in the mabll?

Each year, the top two teams of each division, will come together, at the end of the season, in February!


League MVP, Best Defensive Player, Unsung Hero, Offensive MVP, Best Sportsmanship and top goal tender of the season!

Who will win the Korvin Award? The best offensive player in the League!

See you on the Floor!