Scarcity Arturo Juarez

Three Basic Questions

WHAT to produce?

Since many people have unlimited wants and needs, but there's limited questions is to either use those resources for basic needs such as food or housing. And decide how much is needed?

To produce food

HOW to produce?

The question is how to produce needs or wants. There are two methods to do it, one is either to produce in a factory with mass production with few equipment and more workers in a unemployed area. In doing so, more people work and lower the unemployment rate, gain money and buy stuff for themselves. Or two factories with access to equipment could be better in doing so it lowers production cost, making products less expensive which more people will buy.


FOR WHOM to Produce?

After society decide WHAT to make and HOW to make it, they must now decide to WHOM get to have it. For example, housing should those who work in government or in profession get to have it? Or should an average worker? Until limited resources are enough( which hardly is)to make the unlimited want which people desire. They much chose for themselves on who gets the goods.

Decide on what?
Who gets it?

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