A brief history of the hong kong and shanghai disney theme parks


  • Park officially opened in 2005.
  • The Hony Kong government invested in the Disney theme park in return for more than a half share stake in the project (Marr & Fowler, 2005).
  • China's large population, made it a good fit for a theme park (Matusitz, 2009).
  • Low labor costs, and less costly materials.
  • Investors have predicted China's economy will remain robust.
  • The theme park is located just thirty minutes from downtown Hong Kong.
  • The theme park can be reached by the Mass Transit Rail System (Ball, Horner & Nield, 2007).
  • First ever train line devoted to a theme park (McPhail, 2006).
Overcrowding at Hong Kong Disneyland


Upon it's opening in 2005, Hong Kong Disneyland was not without it's criticisms.

  • Upon it's initial opening many felt that Disneyland was not Chinese enough (Matusitz, 2009).
  • A 30,000 person charity event, meant to test the parks ability to run at near capacity had a number of issues: overcrowding, food shortages, lack of parking and a section of the park being cut off because of lack of room (Bradsher, 2005).
  • Attendance numbers have been disappointing with Hong Kong Disneyland failing to achieve more than 8 million visitors during any given year.
  • Have never placed in the top 10 of global theme park attendance (Matusitz, 2009).


  • The Park was initially set to be built in the early 2000's but Beijing held back on development to help the growth of Hong Kong Disneyland (Tam, 2016).
  • Construction began in 2011, and the park opened in 2016 (RelaxNews, 2011)
  • The stake numbers are identical to those used in Hong Kong Disneyland (Brzeski, 2016).
  • During it's first year of business it is expected to host around 7.3 million guests similar numbers to Hong Kong Disneyland (Mullen, 2016).
  • Some of the same issues that plagued Hong Kong Disneyland have also plagued Shanghai.


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