Esther Z. Gregori Creative photograpy

I used the technique fill the frame to accomplish this beautiful shot which promotes my faith
Using Snapseed I adjusted the contrast to strengthen the rawness of this picture. It added to the dramatic and dangerous effect.
My photographer was Jerry Uelsmann whose methodology included black and white abstract composition.
I used black and white composition along with light techniques to create this picture.
This shot creates a story because there are endless possibilities as to where this door opens and the history behind such a unique key.
This is my favorite portrait photograph because I feel I accomplished a modeling shot and it has a very cool but not too serious vibe to it. And also, it looks natural.
I turned the boring into extraordinary and took my talents to new nights in this course. I was able to improve my photography skills and loved exploring my creative side while capturing my senior year moments. This class was fun and allowed me to grow artistically and take shots I never thought I would before.
Taking pictures of babies are perhaps the hardest to accomplish since they never stay still. I was able to use lighting to draw attention to a third of the farm and the side of my baby cousin. I also was able to accomplish this in a fun manner since the background perfectly depicts her childish reality and environment. I would not be able to take this photo without being in Creative Photograohy
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Esther Gregori

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