Nature Activity at FLMNH Jared Cook

Behind me is a Wooly Mammoth! I was astonished upon walking into the Florida Museum of Natural History and seeing this gigantic display. The design of the entrance of the Museum could not be any better. This beast immediately captured my attention due to its enormous size. An interesting theory I learned about the Wooly Mammoth by reading the information sections below the fossil is why it went extinct. Scientist have concluded that hunting, climate change, and disease are the main reasons that caused the extinction of the Wooly Mammoth. Coincidentally, when I saw climate change as one of the theories of extinction, I thought about the astounding mount of climate change happening in our world today and its impact on living things besides ourselves. The position and information provided of the Wooly Mammoth added to my wonderful experience of the FLMNH by reminding me the value of all creatures which sparked an intriguing attitude as I continued to tour the Museum.
Now that I was equipped with my adventurous mindset, I made my way through the Butterfly Rainforest. Referring to the paragraph above, its one thing to see how climate change affected a pre-existing creature, but when I was surrounded with so much wildlife the thought of these creatures dying from climate change dramatized me even more. While the environment was gorgeous and peaceful, I could not keep the thought of deforestation out of my mind. By having an awesome place to "love, respect, and admire" nature, it gave me a chance to view nature as my home. The Butterfly Rainforest allowed me dive into what a home in nature might look like and it instilled the responsibility to not only help reduce climate change, but to preserve the natural earth as well.
One way that the FLNHM helped me to connect to the eternal and feel the mystery and majesty of the Universe is the benches placed throughout the Butterfly Rainforest. In modern society, Humans are all so busy and wrapped up in the affairs of our time. Its rare that we get to relax and unwind in nature. The benches in the exhibit allow us to meditate in a natural habitat filled with innocent life. Meditating in the peacefulness of the Butterfly Rainforest helps me, a normal Human, better comprehend the impact that I can create on the world. The experience of the FLNHM urges me to preserve the mystery and majesty of the natural world.
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Jared Cook


All photos taken by Jared Cook

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