George Washington Carver HE WAS A SLAVE

Back Younger years

George Washington Carver's mother left him outside during the civil war when he was a baby, But he got older and George found it difficult to understand what being free meant. He wanted to be treated the same as whites.He loved his mother and aunt he also had a brother named Jim . He got picked on and sometimes he got frustrated.He loved to read and paint a lot he did not want to ask his aunt Susan for paint supplies because she would have said no. But he painted rocks and wood.

He soon got curious about the world and wanted to go to school. Luckly the Lincoln school for colored children had recently opened .But it was far away so had would have to move into town. I think his journey was long and hard. But when he got there he met a black couple named Watkins

His nickname was the Peanut Man

One letter had got bad news his brother had died of small pox. George had felt very alone he"d never seen his father couldn't remember his mother.He had no idea who his grandparents or aunts and uncles were.Now his only brother was dead George cried for a long time but he still never gave up, when he was twenty one years old he finally graduated from high school now he´s ready for

This time George almost gave up on his dream. in the next five years he tried Many different things. He even tried farming but there was a hole inside of him That farming couldn´t fill. Slowly caver let himself dream again friend.then after The funeral hundreds of people filed through his lab.

Benge, Janet, Geoff Benge, and Kennon James. George Washington Carver, What Do You See? Houston, TX: Advance Pub., 2004. Print.


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