Alyssa e-profile MULITIMEDIA

Multimedia is a variety of different apps and technology used for communication and entertainment. I would like to lean a bit more on different documents for example word, power point and google apps. I would also like to learn more on photo shop and multimedia.
Salvador Dali has created an optical illusion using melting clocks. I think he has used melting clocks as a the message that he is trying to send is for us to use your time wisely because it is melting away quickly.
This is a surreal painting of a 'banana hammock' by Bob Rodkin. Bob Rodkin has used surrealism for his painting he has used bananas as a replacement for a hammock, and has used a banana as a replacement for a person.
Martin De Pasquale has use photo shop for this picture, He has photo shopped his shadow to become his body and his body to become empy.
My surrealistic and weird creature was created by adding new pictures to the original draft. I started off with a monkey head and then i wanted to add a fruit and i thought that a lime would look funny against the monkey head. After that i added two bananas as arms and then decided two duplicate them and make six more two make a spider. So i have a monkey head, lime body and spider banana legs.
My second creature is a mike Wazowski head and the body is one of the birds off the movie Rio. With my creature i planned to do a mike Wazowski head and i thought it would look good with a bird as the body and i decided to pick the Rio bird as my body because it was the right shape and position and i thought the bright blue would look quite good against the bright green.
My last creature is quiet an unusual one it has a pooh bear head, celery neck, Mario cart body and Elmo's legs. This picture was created by adding new things, i started off with the pooh bear head and i just kept on adding.

The things i enjoyed about Photoshop was using all the different tools like the quick select tool, i enjoyed using all the tools because i didn't know how to use them before we started multimedia, so i got to learn something new. I also liked picking all the different images and redesigning them to make weird surrealistic creatures. The things i found challenging was getting a hang on all the different instructions and how to use all the different tools. My favourite tool was the quick select tool because you could delete parts of an image you didn't need so quickly and easily.


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