Colour Photography WHO NEEDS 'REALITY ?'

All Images CANON 5DS R 17-40mm f/4 Zoom Lens

There has been this ongoing debate in Photography regarding the merits (or otherwise) of boosting colour saturation. It happened with film, it happens with digital. I really don't see any problem.

1. Photography is an art, so creative licence is a part of that. 2.The real world is full of saturated colour. 3. NO camera or film gives 100% colour accuracy anyway. 4. Bright saturated colour images sell better than 'neutral' ones. 5. I like saturated colour. 6. There is a fashion these days for some colour lifestyle / people / themed images to have a desaturated look. However much of contemporary colour travel / landscape / location photography is still as it always was. Dramatic, colourful and with high contrast. 7. Sometimes 'reality' just isn't that interesting.

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