My Country Tis of Thee the hope and disenchantment seen in american politics since 2000

The election of 2000 was a unique event that polarized American society.

537 votes separated a nation!

9/11 changed the way Americans lived forever!

We were a UNITED country!

Americans sided with a flag, not a party!

The unity didn't last for long, not everyone agreed on how to handle this new threat!

Afghanistan and Iraq quickly dissolved the goodwill.

Bush's eight years were met with much discontent by many on both sides of the aisle. We were in search of hope, A CHANGE!

Obama sought to UNITE this country!

Similar to most of the American presidents before him, Obama soon found out that many obstacles are in the way of producing change. Many saw his hope as divisiveness, and it would grow his second term.

ISIS arose from Iraq, and migrants fled from Syria.

Health care and police brutality headlined the president's second term.

Riots in Baltimore and Ferguson created racial tension.

A new election gave hope to Americans who felt Obama's domestic and international policies had put America on the wrong path.

Few were pleased by the alternatives.

As we enter a new era in politics, the political divide continues to haunt us more than ever! It sometimes is hard to remember that the differences that we feel can be expressed because of the freedoms that this country was founded on!

...with liberty and justice for all!

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