Live 5 Marketing Overview

On-air Promotions

Bounce ran 58 spots over 5 days to promote the Black Expo & the Text to Win Contest. Total Value: $8,700

Live 5 News ran 15 spots over 6 days to promote the Black Expo & Comment to Win Contest.

Total Value: $2,400

Live 5 News and Black Expo filmed 2 Pre-taped Commercials. One for Taste of Black Charleston and the other for Black Expo promotion.

Total Commercial Production Value: $450

News Mentions

  • 2/27 - 4 times
  • 3/6 - 1 times
  • 3/10 - 16 times
  • 3/11 - 8 times - 5 News Show & 3 Onsite

Total News Show Mentions: 29 times

Total Value of News Show Mentions: $13,000

Total of Onsite Promotion: $150

Digital Media

Live 5 News Website

Live 5 News' website promoted the expo with Custom Branding Ads starting February 1st. Total Value: $1,400

Live 5 News Social Media

Live 5 News & Live 5 Insider Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts promoted the Black Expo event starting February 20th.

Custom Social Media Graphics made for Black Expo share on Live 5 News' social media accounts

Social Media Contest

Live 5 News held 2 Black Expo Contests on social media. The first was "Text to Win" that ran Feb 13-24. An on-air spot ran on Live 5 News and Bounce to promote the contest. Viewers were asked to text special keyword when they saw the spot.

Total Contest Entries: 75

The second contest was "Comment to Win" on Live 5 News' Main Facebook Page. The post reached 12,000+ people. Total Contest Entries: 94

On-Site Social Media

Live 5 News' Reporter Aaron Maybin attended the Black Expo Kick Off Downtown and the Taste of Black Charleston. He posted photos on his social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter).

The day of the Black Expo, Live 5 News' Digital Marketing Manager took photos on social for real-time posting and photos of Live 5 News Talent for expo attendees. The Live 5 Talent also posted on their social media accounts prior and during the expo event.

All attendees photos with talent were shared on a slideshow on

Total Live 5 News Posts - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: 20

Total Live 5 News Social Media Value: $900

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