Blink once

By: Cylin Busby

This book is a mystery book however I also think horror fans will also love this book. Cylin Busby

Cylin Busby is the author of several children's books and nonfiction articles. She lives in Los Angeles with her family. She is 46 years old and is married to Damon Ross.

The setting of blink once is in a hospital.

Plot summary: West is a high school kid. He ends up in the hospital but not remembering how he got there. He meets a girl named Olivia she is a mystery. West soon finds out he is paralyzed and that Olivia is not the person he thought she was.

1. West is a male he's a bmx rider and is currently paralyzed in the book (main character) 2. Olivia is the mystery of the book she has black hair and his only friend 3. Allie is his girlfriend she has blonde hair.

The theme of this book is everyone needs a friend that knows what we're going through.

1. "I had to see Olivia, to talk to her. Now that I knew my dreams has not been dreams, there was something i needed to tell her." pg. 206 this adds to the plot of the story. 2. "the nurse patted my arm. "You're okay." pg.3 this adds to the setting of the story.


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