Western Sahara Name:shae bowler teacher Miss Yeo

Economic water scarcity: is when you do not have enough money to buy the resources.

Westen Sahara

Physical water scarcity is when there is physically no water left.

The environment in North Africa causes water scarcity as the climate has low rainfall and high temperatures. This means that water is often evaporating quickly. The technology in North Africa also causes water scarcity because of the lack of infrastructure such as drains and pipes, this means a small percentage of the population has access to clean water. The culture in North Africa also means their population grows quickly. This causes water scarcity as demand exceeds supply.

Westen Sahara

What causes water scarcity in Westen Sahara: The environment, there is very little rainfall and it is so hot in the Western Sahara that the water just evaporates and does not recharge the ground water. The culture, they have big families and they don't have the technology to build the infrastructure for safe water.

Map of groundwater areas and the ability to get the water

The map above shows the areas in Westen Sahara where there may be groundwater and the ability to get this water from the ground. However, there is little groundwater as the annual rainfall is very low and very little of this water goes into the ground. The annual rainfall of the Western Sahara is below 50mm per year, To show how little water this is, Perth gets 838mm per year.

How does the environment affect the availability of water: The environment it is so hot that the water just evaporates and they do not have many dames and rivers to hold the water

Problems caused by water scarcity: The people get sick because the water is bad and unsafe to drink. They have to buy clean water but the water is very expensive. Sadly, the people there are poor and not always afford to buy the water

Climate in Westen Sahara

The graphs above show a lot of climate information. You can see how little rainfall there is (green boxes at the bottom) and how hot it is through the year (red line at the top).

What is being done to help the water scarcity: People in Westen Sahara are trying to desalinate sea water. The homes in Westen Sahara are getting water tanks to collect and store safe water and clean water is for sale (but is very expensive).


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