Amendment 4 Search and sEizer

Amendment 4 is search and seizure it is about when people have the right to protect their homes and papers and any other things that the person owns from unreasonable searches that the police do.
A real life example of Amendment 4 is "A police officer witnessed three men pacing in front of a jewelry store and suspected that a robbery was being planned. He approached the men and identified himself, then performed frisks of defendants Chilton and Terry and discovered illegal concealed weapons. Defendants were convicted and appealed, claiming that the frisk violated their Fourth Amendment right against unlawful searches and seizures". Another example is "Officer James Rand stopped a car with six occupants and received consent from the driver to search the vehicle. It was determined that the officer did not pressure the driver into consenting. In the back seat he found three checks which had been stolen from a car wash. Defendant Robert Bustamonte challenged his arrest, arguing that while he had consented voluntarily, he had not been informed of his right not to consent to the search".
Amendment four would affect me by, me just walking and I come out of a store wearing a black sweater and the there's a police car right in front of the store and the police officer comes out and tells me I can I search you and he searches me and suspects that I have something so he takes me to court for no reason because of just what I kind of sweater I wear. Another example that amendment four affects me is when someone could be home and nothing wrong and the police knocks on the door and tells me that he needs to search my house and I can just tell him no you can't but then he is going to come back with a warrant that he is able to search my house so he suspects that I have something illegal and he probably thinks that I had already gave that illegal thing and took it somewhere else and is going to tell me your going to court then again iam gonna go to court for no reason and it's just a waste of time. That's how Amendment Four affects me.

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