Nike A company that brings inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world


  1. Nike's financial success
  2. How Nike strives for ecological perfection
  3. Company vision
  4. Why I want to work at Nike
Design for Nike Headquarters expansion

Financial success

48% market share of athletic footwear in the U.S.

  • Worldwide revenue of $32+ Billion
  • 1045 stores with $9+ Billion of revenue from shoes only

Striving for Ecological "Perfection"

  • Sustainable innovation - Reach 100% renewable energy by 2020
  • Flyknit technology - Reduced nearly 3.5 million pounds of waste since 2012
  • Nike Grind - Eliminate footwear manufacturing waste

Sustainable Innovation

Company Vision

"Culture of Winning."

Nike uses successful athletes so that the public associates "Nike" with winning.

The culture of winning is inspiring. Great to be around leaders and winners

Why I want to work at Nike

Nike has an enviable brand, the iconic "swoosh" is known worldwide, it's deeply associated with athletes and sports, and is increasingly admired as a digital and design innovator.

Extremely successful and profitable means they are doing things right.

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